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What is love egoism?

the Previous article convincingly proved that egoism in vain at the household level is painted only in black color. All of us are egoists by the nature, but the minority admits this fact and effectively uses, and the majority - prefers to ryaditsya in clothes of affected hypocrites, attributing to the kind actions allegedly good intentions.

Ha - ha - ha! I suggest to impose our new knowledge on gender relationship. Especially as in discussion concerning the article “What Is Love?“ I promised to consider an egoism subject in love, remember?

What is egoism in love?

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, egoism is not such a terrible animal with what it is often drawn by our imagination. How this egoism is shown in love? To start reasonings we will remember that we understand as love: this condition of replacement of own egoism in favor of egoism of other person.

We add determination of egoism here - interest in ourselves, attention on the desires and inclinations, on own world. What turns out? If egoism (interest, attention and inclinations) of the person - we assume, men - it is forced out in favor of egoism (interest, attention and an inclination) of other person - women, then it means that appeal “an inner self, the ego“ the woman for the man becomes higher than own.

To the contrary, appeal man`s “an inner self, the ego“ becomes higher own for the woman. On it their mutual interest to each other is under construction. The inner world of one is replaced with an inner world of another. Needs of the woman feed egoism of the man and vice versa.

Possibly, this understanding romantics - writers are guided - poets when use metaphors like “they were dissolved in each other“. People around speak about such - they love each other and suit ideally one another! Though if to ask everyone, then the man, most likely, will tell something it seems “we with it to one blood“, and the woman - “he same, as well as I, only … with a tail“. In other words, the assessment of the partner is carried out by the principle of absence! It as with air - while he is, do not notice it as soon as he is not present - guard!

We will present to a situation. The man has relations with the woman and values them. She suggests to jerk for the weekend to the country once. And the man on these days off already has plans - to descend on soccer. Or he suggests the woman to go to theater, and at her “is already filled“ in the schedule on Saturday “pools - massages - make-ups“. What to do?

There are two options. The first - if the man in the first situation and the woman in the second refuse the plans, requirements, then thereby become on the way of accumulation of potential of irritation and dissatisfaction: time “moved down“, conceded the second time … Where end? And what it will be?

Second option: each of partners respects egoism of another, and considers - egoistically! - the arrived offer through a prism of the requirements: nature or soccer, theater or pool. And if is accepted, then time - the meeting place which, as we know, now cannot be changed is coordinated.

That`s all! Tell that it is better for the relations - accumulation of irritations like “you to me with again the theater“, or egoistical respect of requirements? That is the same!

What is love or bed egoism?

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of the Woman that love egoism is shown by the one who during passion ignores desires of the partner, being fond only of own satisfaction. Men consider that love egoism is shown by the one who manipulates the partner, playing on availability of physiological requirements. Actually neither that, nor another has no relation to egoism! As reflects not sincere, barefaced egoism, and affected sanctity and sacrifice.

We will read without excess emotions the following words from one women`s magazine: “Love egoism in a bed has a number of characteristic signs. Your partner will not look at your person. Perhaps, will close eyes, being given completely to the sensual pleasure. Will speak to you what side to turn and how to move“. From the egoistical point of view - do the same and do not take a steam bath! Catch a high! And from the point of view of sacrifice everything is absolutely not so simple: I myself presented to it, and it … As it is told above, it is a way to accumulation of irritation and a dissatisfaction.

Egoism, and only it - a basis of steady relationship between people and lovers!