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We will tell metal entrance doors of

In this article about metal doors. Entrance metal doors, price and quality, main link.
is Very often set a question: What to put entrance doors? At the moment the market was captivated, the mass of goods connected with metal doors. On a huge turn in this sphere the Chinese representatives borrow. Having thrown out on the market a huge number of the production (sometimes very poor quality), the low cost, bribed a large number of people.

As one of the cheapest positions such doors as acted: To 1 and it relatives its price fluctuates from 1200 to 3000 rubles depending on quantity. The cloth of this door has metal thickness in 0. 8 mm, between two sheets of a cloth are a corrugation a cardboard (a usual cardboard), the box is made of thicker metal of 1 mm. Has as it is possible to tell the standard lock for the Chinese doors, the peephole is built in.

What it is possible to tell about such door? Of course, she will not save from thieves, usually such doors are established in new much apartment budgetary houses. Of course it to replace my council zraza whenever possible. Though this door has a molotkovy covering that speaks about its opportunity, to put it and on the street, long to you will not serve. Chinese offered
to our market and more elite option. Doors already the highest class. They differ in the fact that cloth metal thickness already reaches 1. 2 mm, and in warm options are established mineral wool, appear additional a consolidation contour, it considerably will influence sealing of a door, in certain cases put additional locks, and the lock already has crossbar system of locking by the principle of the safe. It respectively will increase its breaking firmness.

And at last we will pass to the Russian doors, we will take on an example a door Argus productions in Yoshkar - Ole. It is a door with thickness of a cloth 2 mm, a threefold contour of consolidation, warming on all basis including a box, the lock of « firm; border we do not forget about the strengthened reservation to a slip, and there are also special burglar retardant probes by means of which, even after liquidation of loops the cloth will fall by these probes that will become the reason not of opening of a door.
the Standard sizes of doors happen: 8602050; 9602050. At the choice of the direction of opening do not forget about equipment of fire safety. I Will eat
in which the new door carefully will be established it is adjusted by the size, if necessary to remove the excess thickness of a wall by means of the puncher. The size of an aperture has to be wider not than 40 mm of the door frame size. The new door is established in level. Then there is a fastening, on an anchor. A gap between a box and a wall zapenivay foam. We fasten accessories, we carry out adjustment of a cloth. Council when drilling is the best of all to use the construction vacuum cleaner as without its application dust will be hammered in loops and is not excluded that in a consequence the door will creak. I Will be grateful to
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