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Repair on a balcony of

has Very important point, such place in the dwelling as a balcony. Let`s make, repair on a balcony.

First of all, it will be required to release it completely. To decide on a balcony interior, its functionality, namely define: whether linen ropes are necessary to you whether the case, a balcony, how wide at you, will be required to you. All these nuances, will play further a large role.

If a balcony narrow, then I advise to glaze it sliding designs, both metalplastic, and aluminum. Here to solve to you, I will tell only one, aluminum will be cheaper, it is plus, their minus, that they cold, rather metalplastic frames. If a balcony wide, put usual metalplastic frames.

After a glazing, we pass to a covering if it is required outside. Here besides the choice of material depends on finance, the most optimum in my opinion, it is a vinyl siding, the price and quality are comparable here.

Having chosen color of a siding, we will start its installation. Previously it is required to make a framework, of a metal profile, 60 x 27 and guides, 27 x 28. Technology of a framework here same as well as with gypsum cardboard, the distance between profiles has to be 600 mm. On a framework we establish a siding, on the bottom we fasten self-tapping screws a starting profile of a siding, and already on it we gather the main for early the strips cut by the size. The last strip of a siding will be closed by the outflow fastened to a frame. After installation of a siding, attentively to a propenta all available cracks.

The following stage, it at us will be a floor. By means of the impregnated bar, we will raise floor level on height necessary to us. A bar we fix to a floor by means of screws on concrete, do not forget about level!!! When the obreshetka is ready (the interval of distance of a bar has to be not less than 400 mm), cavities will need to be warmed. The heater can be applied various from polyfoam, to min. cotton wool. After laying of a heater from above we fasten, self-tapping screws on a tree of 35 - 40 mm plywood, 15 mm thick.

After a floor will be built we will start an internal covering. Besides decide on material. In this case I will tell how to sheathe panels (PVC). Between panels and a siding surely it is required to warm, it can be already listed above material for warming. After warming and an obreshetka for panels, we start their installation, I recommend to measure each subsequent panel. With top fasten the L profile to a window sill to hide the top part of the panel, from below it will be closed by a plinth.

By the same principle, we do a ceiling and the subsequent walls, the only thing a ceiling it is possible and not to warm. Here still the recommendation, try to choose qualitative plasticity, flavourless and not less than 10 mm thick.

At the final stage put linoleum on a floor and beat a plinth on perimeter.


If you want, to establish on a rope balcony for drying, do not forget then, about a configuration of windows, the opening windows have to be less than that height on which the rope will be hung up. It is possible to use also the portable dryer, the special framework is for this purpose made and before a covering is established.