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How to make banana bread? Simply, tasty it is also very useful for

One of the most beloved Americans of types of pastries - banana bread (banana bread), or, to tell more precisely, banana pie, prepares from the most available products, and the beginning culinary specialist will even cope with preparation.

Today bananas are on sale practically in each shop and are not considered as exotic at all. And here at the beginning of 90 - x when I still lived in Kazakhstan, the father brought “overseas fruit“ from Moscow, only one svyazochka, so they were expensive. Alas, then the unusual type of bananas frightened me, and to the latest I refused to taste them. As a result, having decided - to bite off a piece of the only remained ripe fruit, I burst into tears for offense on myself: so tasty it was!

Now bananas are my favourite delicacy: it is fine nourishing having a snack, a sweet dessert, an excellent source of B6 vitamin and potassium. Bananas increase to us mood, strengthen nerves, improve operability of a brain and even prevent the muscular spasms resulting from active trainings.

Not so long ago I opened for myself bananas from the new party - as useful ingredient for pastries. And everything began with the story of my acquaintance who worked year in Chile. He said that in Latin America with banana puree oil and dairy products for pastries replace, and also they are fried and baked in quality of garnishes to meat dishes.

The idea about pastries interested me. I decided to check - really it possibly?

As a result I tried the mass of unusual recipes, changed them to healthier harmony and as a result came here to this recipe of banana bread (pie) .

So, it will be necessary for us:

- 2 - 3 average overripe bananas (they are much more sweet);

- 2 eggs;

- 60 g of margarine or butter;

- 1 glass of the crushed oat flakes or 1,5 glasses of flour (flakes nevertheless it is more useful);

- 1 full spoon of a baking powder;

- 0,7 glasses of walnuts;

- 1 full spoon of cinnamon;

- at will it is possible to add raisin, it will give sweets.


1. We warm an oven to 180 degrees.

2. In the blender it is crushed the peeled bananas in mashed potatoes.

3. It is added to egg bananas, salt, cinnamon and time is mixed still.

4. We kindle oil.

5. It is connected both weights in a cup, we add flakes or the flour sifted with a baking powder. We mix to homogeneous mass. The consistence of the test will remind dense sour cream.

6. It is added to the test nuts and raisin.

7. We put in an oven for 35 - 40 minutes (I put with podduvy).

It is better to take a baking dish or rectangular for bread, or round, the average diameter (20 - 25 cm), with high sides. The form does not need to be oiled, bananas also are so rather fat, will not stick precisely. By the way, it is possible to use the same dough and for preparation of banana muffins, however, in this case, time of baking should be reduced approximately to 20 minutes.

Pie has to rise a little (do not open an oven before the end of process), check readiness a wooden stick. The texture will be damp, but if the stick dry - means, pie is ready. At will, it is possible to decorate pie with dark chocolate glaze: on 20 g of chocolate of about 10 g of oil or couple of spoons of milk / sour cream. At our place it is well eaten also without glaze.

... Summer aroma will seductively attract members of household on kitchen, and you also will not manage to blink an eye as newly-baked banana pie will disappear from a plate.

Bon appetit and excellent mood!