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How to change a black strip of life for white? I serve the Soviet Union!

the thought came to Come the first to mind to bathe, already it is hard to say. The rotary-wing aircraft went on shaving over a turquoise surface of the sea. And it so attracted, attracted...

Hanged at the height about a meter, put the autopilot, lowered a ladder. Only one minute - and back! Only one minute.

Who knew that the flaw will raise the car by meter. And now the commander of crew major Ivankov and the navigator senior lieutenant Egorov in one voyenno - sea pants dangle in waters of the Black Sea, and over them is proud their fighting vehicle - the helicopter K - 27 soars. On an automatic pilot and without crew. And to the ladder fluttering on wind only one meter.

And it not to get to the major, starleyu. Also be on their place though the Minister of Defence, all the same would not get. In the sea it is possible to move only on a surface and down. Up - it is impossible in any way. Laws of physics you will not deceive in any rank and in any position.

- Companion major, what we will do? - the navigator nearly cried with powerlessness.

- To set aside panic, - the commander ordered. - Desperate situations do not happen. Though...

- Though that? - the navigator asked.

- You understand, Seryozha, - a minute later the major explained, - until recently we with you were pride of the Black Sea fleet. Guards crew.

- And now?

- And now, Sergey, we are with you ordinary schnooks in one pants. And at this idea to us will be arrived somehow to get used.

- I do not want, - the navigator sighed and took salty water from the run wave.

- And I do not want. To me in a year in resignation it was thought. What washing Nyur will tell?

- To you - that in a year, and me still to serve and serve!

- Something to me, Seryozha, prompts that we with you will retire at the same time. If carries, of course.

- And if does not carry?

- Then too at the same time. But already under a military court. Fuel at us for two hours. Then the car falls, the emergency beacon works, rescuers arrive and...

- And what?

- Also see two odd fellows in pants. We will be able to explain a crash of helicopter still somehow. But stay in waters of the Black Sea without form - already hardly.

- And give, companion major, we will take off our pants, we will connect and we will try to throw on a ladder.

- Good thought, - the major approved the navigator`s initiative. - But if us, fighting officers of the Black Sea fleet, find without helicopter and without pants then also the military court will seem for rescue. On the other hand, is the whole two hours for rest and philosophical reflections. Lay down, Seryozha on a back and have a rest. Only close eyes. And that seagulls will fly. In war of all hit pilots in the sea found without eyes.

- I do not want without eyes, - the navigator cried. - I want home to mother!

- To stop a hysterics, - the major ordered. - Quietly!

And having understood that its team is exigeant in the situation, it was softened.

- Yes I joked about seagulls. They only to drowned men to eyes peck out, and we - that are still living! You understand, Seryozha, our life as a stripped vest. Yesterday there was a white strip. Today - black. And tomorrow, surely, again white will be.

Suddenly meters in a pyatist the cabin of the submarine seemed. That to which searches the nice Guards crew was sent.

Here the flaw forced the helicopter to fall by meter and the navigator with a wild cry “Mother!“ seized a ladder.

- Hold it, Seryozha, - encouraged the navigator the commander. - To us, apparently, has a little luck.

Having climbed up in the helicopter and having recovered the breath, the commander of crew major Ivankov answered a call of the handheld transceiver which was using foul language to all Black Sea:

- The swallow listens to one. Yes everything is normal at us. The toggle-switch of a call jammed. I report: the submarine of the conditional opponent is found. We carry out visual maintenance. Is to do new holes on shoulder straps! We serve the Soviet Union!