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Pepper - a houseplant. Why room?

Yes because pepper very well grows on a window sill together with window plants. It is very beautiful, its greens are saturated and when blossoms, its white flowers, turn a plant into the bride. And when there are fruits, even then, when they did not redden yet, and green also how the bush is beautiful! (see a photo). If to consider that pepper fruits - are very nutritious, contain many vitamins, minerals, and will please with the tastes in the winter, then it is possible at once and to start cultivation. And if at a window several bushes and with multi-colored fruits, then such variety is pleasing to the eye.

I want to tell how to grow up sweet grades of pepper. Room conditions very much suit pepper, it is necessary to choose only the warm and solar room. The flowerpot will approach not deep, but wide, such capacity has enough for home-made pepper because its roots not deeply go to the earth. Grade of sweet pepper, it is possible to choose on the taste. I prefer to grow up large-fruited thick-walled sweet grades of pepper. And my hobby began with pepper of small size.

Dug over for the winter a bed with pepper. One of plants was such green and bright that it was a pity for it, and I took and planted it in a flowerpot and placed on a window sill near flowers. Whether decided to try the pepper and how will worry winter? Looked after him also as well as behind window plants. Watered, fed up. I do not remember precisely, but either at the end of November, or at the beginning of December the pepper blossomed. Began to feed up him infusion from an onions peel, the diluted remains of coffee and other natural remains from food. By New year at me one pepper grew, it was very juicy and tasty.

And after that the plant began to wither somehow. There were no those bright greens any more and leaves began to be turned, contract and fall down. I tried to spray a plant, several times washed with a laundry soap, nothing helped, the plant withered. I several times through certain time fed up it and left alone, thinking that the truth was told, and pepper do not live in house conditions. Put it in a basin with water, having decided that so it will take so much water how many for it it will be necessary. And itself went to sanatorium. And when returned, the plant was green and bright again. And shortly was going to blossom. For the second time it blossomed plentifully, there were many fruits, but there were only four (see a photo). I learned it from literature later that it is more, than it is impossible to leave four fruits on a plant. But then the plant itself prompted me quantity of the fruits. And again pepper were juicy and tasty.

Since then I grow up peppers on a window sill. I leave three in the spring - four of seedling, and I land the others on a site, and in the fall from a site I take away the best for the winter on a window sill. On cultivation of pepper I found in literature that pepper biennial plants and for the second year they are more fruitful.

And now it is a little about care of pepper. Pepper - a thermophilic plant. The more heat receives pepper, the to it is more comfortable and it grows quicker and fructifies. Therefore it is not necessary to put a pot with pepper on draft, and pepper should not be placed in a small pot. And the pepper loves the sun. The main thing that the window sill, was well lit with the sun all day. Care of pepper on a window sill consists of continuous watering, periodic top dressing (especially during blossoming and laying of fruits) and loosening of the top layer of earth. It is better to water pepper bushes with warm water. Room temperature, but not from - under the crane. Sometimes on a balcony or a loggia happens very stuffy, pepper do not love closeness.

It is not desirable to rearrange often a pot with a plant from one place on another. It is desirable not to touch a plant. It is necessary to replace a plant accurately, without mentioning root system. If it did not work well, the plant will long recover from a change stress. Too to bring top dressing carefully and to be zealous not too not to burn young root system of a plant. But if you create to seedling comfortable conditions for its growth, i.e. will provide it with heat and light, fertilizer can not be necessary. I very seldom use fertilizer, generally I use natural infusions. Very good top dressing - ashes from the burned-down wood. To part with water, to insist and water during the blossoming and formation of fruits. Only in case of emergency it is possible to resort to fertilizer.

Pepper needs change every year. It is necessary to update the earth, useful substances are necessary for a plant for growth, blossoming, fructification. It is desirable to spray a plant every day. If there is a danger of a modulation of a plant water, or an incomplete filling when watering, it is necessary to put a pot in big capacity and there to pour water. Still there are small secrets: when the pepper blossoms it it is necessary to stir up. Well and when there will be fruits, leave on a plant no more than four for the best ripening. I choose seeds for seedling so: I go to the market, or in shop, I choose not only a beautiful, but also healthy and mature fruit, I eat, and I choose sunflower seeds and I dry. In a month it is possible to sow. Here and all knowledge with cultivation of pepper on a window sill. Progress all!!!