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How catch a lamprey on Salatsa?

of Salats? What is “Salatsa“? It is the river on North - the East of Latvia. In Vidzeme. It is slightly less than one hundred kilometers - to the north from the Latvian capital. On the route A1 Riga - Tallinn. From Dunt, in which the museum and Myunkhauzen`s track, kilometers 40.

Also - on the North. And on the same route. So as look at a background of the baron on the real Iyeronim Karl, you do not hurry to come back to the Latvian capital.

From Dunt - it is less than an hour. From Riga - hour one and a half at most. On the normal road. And you will not manage to look back, already in Salatsgriva you drive. In that Salatsgriva about whom once all Union from Kushka to Amderma and from Vladivostok to Lviv knew. Ate the Baltic sprats in oil and extolled. However, at the same time seldom who condescended before to sort written on a label by small … Well, very small small letters. And there usually wrote that this canned food on Rigas Street, 2 is made. In some there Salatsgriva.

In Salatsgriva - yes. But not some. Let in small, three and a half thousand inhabitants, but all - the city which status being before the fishing settlement of Salatsgriva received in 1928. But, having changed the administrative characteristic, did not change the internal essence. The fishing character.

And now in the city there is a lot of fish. It costs in the mouth of the river which named it that bears the waters to the Gulf of Riga. And Salatsa, by the way, such river … Not simple. One of the very best biologically various. And not only in Latvia. In Europe. On this indicator of Salats enters number 150 of the very best European reservoirs. What only in it is not present. Even if to take only one fishes. And the bream is. And perch. And pike. And … was about to tell

- a lamprey. But did not tell. Kept. And correctly made. Because a lamprey - not fish. But I already somehow told about it. And here how it is caught - only promised. But time promised … So the word should be kept.

Is slightly closer, than three kilometers from Salatsa`s mouth … Kilometers in one and a half from the city across the river there are tempers. Traps on a lamprey. Something like a fence with a handrail. This fence only is constructed from fir-tree stakes. The fir-tree - a tree flexible, bends under the pressure of river water, but does not break. Naturally, the spring ice drift can strongly fray this shaky construction. So it is also necessary... At most till February. This month the minozhy course comes to an end. That that did not get to the merezh suspended to tempers - the mesh bags fixed on a special frame winters, and at the very end of spring, the beginning of summer when the sun warms up water … The new cycle of the next minozhy generation begins. Caviar, larvae, metamorphoses … And in 6 - 7 years everything comes to an end in the same place where began - in Salatsa.

In August the first lampreys begin to approach with the gulf the mouth. So by the end of July it is necessary to correct all tempers that the spring ice drift damaged. Also hit with a huge wooden sledge hammer fir-tree stakes into a river bed Salatsgrivsky fishermen from year to year. That there was in merezha a lamprey.

And lamprey … This is such animal... There are no bones. To choose what - any need. Intestines atrophied. To clean - only time to spend. Even there are no scales. Only slime. Several times wiped a skin with salt … Wiped with usual, table salt, and all is short. Not an animal, and just some waste-free production. And taste …