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What for an animal such - a lamprey? Fish or worm?

I not that, and not another. Qualifiers of all live that is on the planet, for a lamprey and its close relative miksina allocate the whole special class - ryboobrazny.

That is just like - it seems as well as fishes. By itself - habitat affects. The body at a lamprey long, streamline, is very similar to ugriny. On the other hand, if who is guided by pessimists more, so can tell, as not an ugriny body at this representative of ryboobrazny. Worm-shaped.

Someone even says that the lamprey is much closer to bloodsuckers, than to fishes. Well, it hardly. In total - the lamprey, as well as at fishes, has fins. However, not all. Only tail and two back. And here it has no chest, belly and anal fins. But gills at a lamprey available. I … It is a lot of them! On seven branchiate openings behind eyes. And there are no branchiate covers, besides, -.

And bones at it you can not try to discover. So if who not really loves the bream or a pike, referring just to their kostistost, then here - excellent to them alternative. Lamprey. Boneless in general. But in relatives to invertebrate worms you should not write down it. Though it has no bones, but, as well as at some fishes, for example, sturgeon, it has cartilages. Which support the branchiate device and protect a brain. From - for this feature and lampreys, and their relatives call still semi-cranial. They have cartilages surrounding a brain as protection, and here a facial skull, let and cartilaginous, - no.

In a type of absence of it and jaws the lamprey cannot brag. Therefore to be enough - she is not able to bite. Round oral opening … Yes, in its characteristic form all ryboobrazny, including and at a lamprey, have one more general name - krugloroty.

And so, an oral opening on which edge - numerous horn teeth, the lamprey sticks to a body of the victim. Salmon, flounder, herring, cod, sprat. At the same time teeth play a fixture role. As construction. Bang! and as nails. Tightly, not to tear off everything. And as stuck, language in which too so is used … Teeth! And the lamprey to them as a grater …

generally, such passions - is better for experts, they to that got used.

Especially as in the river the lamprey to anybody does not stick. And language with teeth does not use. It does not need it in the river. And all because it is such it … Original animal. Not such, as all. With the, minozhy zagibona. Or, as biologists speak, with metamorphoses.

At all from caviar that? Whitebaits. That is same eels, breams, perches. Only small. And at a lamprey - no. Not whitebaits ….

Late spring or at the very beginning of summer as water will get warm, vymetyvayetkazhdy minozhya a female on average on 22 thousand berries. Stacks them on a bottom especially for this business of the arranged nested pole, fills up them, striking with a tail a sandy bottom, and … dies. Everything, it carried out the main task, gave life to posterity.

And posterity at it … That that in 9 - 14 days from berries will hatch. Not whitebaits - larvae. Makhonky such - 3,2 mm, light-zheltenky worms without fins. Roth is (to eat - that, hosh not hosh - is necessary!) but without teeth. And eyes … Though are available, but are hidden deeply under skin.

Therefore the larva is called sometimes the blind person vyyuny. Sometimes - a nornik. But most often her official name - a peskoroyka . Though the last - is unclear why. The little minks pull out larvae any more not where there was their nested pole, not in sand. A current bears them down the river. And as soon as on the way the oozy bottom comes across to them, there they also bury. Also begin to eat. Fossils - detrity, and diatomovy seaweed.

Food - not the most nutritious so the larva especially does not get fat. Also does not grow almost. In 3 - 4 the maximum grows to 15 - 18 cm. And for the fifth year, by fall, appetite at a peskoroyka vanishes in general. At it this metamorphosis begins. In half a year, by spring, the larva turns into a young lamprey which in the river has nothing to do. Already the sea waits for it. And production which she eats. Here as I already told.

The whole year, sometimes two, the lamprey eats everything and eats. Eats and eats. And as will gorge on, a fat podkopit … As cuts off at it. At all. In general anything in a mouth not a beret. Even the stomach at it will atrophy.

Not before to it already. Time to come back to those rivers from which the lamprey departured in the sea one or two years ago came. And what now here to do to it? Teeth - that became dull too. Not those “nails“ that before. Them not to make a hole in fish scales and a skin any more.

At night - light lamprey does not love - float ryboobrazny to spawn and die. Float to the rivers where they are caught. And here how it is the knowing people does, - the separate story.