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And how your travel is called?

... The little table in a reception of travel agency was filled up with booklets with the most tempting offers. It opened one of them. “Love for necessity!“ - it appeared in the description of round. He sadly sighed and turned the page. It already tried love for necessity.

you Come, at first the necessary parents, then friends, then the wife and children should be, but it appears a little. You begin to feel responsible for all events on light, you feel worthless if today did not rescue somebody, you feel satisfaction only if helped the starving child from Africa, you rush on life in search of the following deprived and poor, without feeling, wishing to receive the next portion of love in exchange for necessity. No, thanks.

On the following page it was written: “Let`s fall in love with the best child!“. He grinned. “We know, floated. A half from whole. Will love not me, but themselves for the fact that at them such child“. Plus still a reverse side “the best“ was the loneliness. Alone nobody will notice that you are afraid, suffer, are mistaken, ashamed. Not to be absolutely lonely, it was necessary to drink. And it resolutely did not like taste of alcohol. And that travel too.

“Honest exchange: love on love“ - the following page called. Well, to call this exchange honest would be slyness. Actually the inscription had to look so: “I give you the best years, from you all life now“. Also you are broken off then all travel between all-consuming sense of guilt and desire to make though something not as mother speaks.

One more offer was tempting - “Good service“. It did not meet it yet, but, according to stories of eyewitnesses, it looked as follows: you are fed, given to drink, dressed, put, treated, and at the same time sincerely think that these services and are love. Very much are indignant when you have feelings and desires. Consider you ungrateful and whimsical. Soon you begin to be content with soup and tea, including the feelings and desires excessive and inappropriate.

On the last page there was an exclusive - “Love without conditions“. Promised acceptance, attention to requirements, care, lack of expectations, keenness to desires and needs, sensibleness. It interested him, he already began to read further as here the door of an office opened, and he was invited to enter.

- Chose something for themselves? - the old man asked it.
- Yes, I would like “Love without conditions“.

- I understand, - the old man sighed, - but now very great demand for this direction. Therefore we are forced to limit the offer, - here it passed to whisper, - the Host does not cope. At the moment this direction is frozen, - the old man finished with the apologizing tone.

- It is a pity, - he was upset, - Means, I will not be born yet. I will wait until you open this direction.

The old man knowingly nodded.
- you Come in about 20-25 years, there graduates “Love without conditions“ will just create the new directions. Perhaps you will choose something for yourself.
- I will Surely glance, - he told and thawed in air.

... And how your travel is called?