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In what reality essence?

Each person has the idea of reality. They say that below, and above, and vice versa. That is the reality displays about what the person thinks what he wishes concerning what he has intentions. When people find it difficult to define

in what psychological state stay, then they show interest in reality. In such state they reflect - are awake or sleep and that surrounds them - the world of dreams, dreams, imaginations or representations, mirages, illusions or the Real world...

What is the Reality surrounding us? The reality is the philosophical term which is used in different values as something existing in general and objectively existing phenomena, the facts that is existing really in life. The reality can be objective or material, and can be subjective - only in consciousness.

Each person the thoughts creates the reality and whether here comfortably to live in this created reality is already other question. The reality of people represents and feels, this feeling of an instant, what is here and now. Usually the person lives in two worlds: external and internal.

The inner world is our purposes, desires, aspirations, what we possess or we will possess. The outside world is that “man proposes, God disposes“... And our many problems in life occur from - for lack of harmony in these two worlds...

The modern person is engaged in purposeful activity only in the outside world, the inner world is its ideas of reality, it is the world map external. From - for the fact that the person lives in these two worlds where there is a discrepancy of the real and internal worlds he constantly stays in the conflict with himself.

Often the conflict arises from - for the fact that the person does not accept reality such what it is actually. Often the person seeks to reconstruct and change only the outside world, at the same time without changing internal. In general, the person should learn to live in the circumstances offered him, that which surround him and is in reality.

The world - structure integral, integrated, parts it are connected among themselves. If there is the slightest change of one structure - it attracts change around the world, all other organism of the nature. The biggest force of the world - the person, it can change it. Any whether it be negative thought, whether it be thought positive changes reality depending on a message of this thought.

Each person the world predstavlyaetpo - to a miscellaneous, at everyone it absolutely other. There is a person who feels something in himself. This uniform field in which it is. All other images and ideas of an outside and inner world are formed only in the person. The person has to come to higher level of development to comprehend and understand that its reality depends only on its internal properties. Such understanding of the world and reality forces to look at the world in a different way, to understand that it actually is around us. To reconsider the thoughts, desires, the purposes and preferences. To learn the real essence of reality.