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What you should not speak at office about?

people vividly were interested Earlier in life of neighbors in the village, but now, unfortunately, were tightly closed from each other by armor doors and metalplastic windows. It is possible to live for years on one staircase with neighbors and not to know that they are cannibals, admirers of a cult of the voodoo or Alla Pugacheva`s relatives - yet you will not see the reporting on them on the TV.

But at office - the wide field for supervision, also happens, learn it that can forever deprive of you a dream and tranquility about people! Or they about you - that can damage to career or the relations in collective.

We will begin with the most harmless - from financial position, stories about which it is better not to abuse. Somehow in one of offices where I worked, the speech came about plans for summer. And I nakhvastatsya that my grandmother has a big house on the bank of the Black Sea. The director looked at me a little strange - then I did not understand why. But when all employees received as a permit award in sanatorium, I got nothing - type, to me and so is where to have a rest.

If to develop office subject “At you is - means, it is not necessary to you“, then I can give an example of my familiar worker of the banking sector: during reduction she was dismissed with the formulation “You are so well dressed - means, at you everything is all right with finance, and you do not need this work!“. That left in tears, cursing herself that never admitted to employees that it has all things from sekond - a henda!

Other extensive subject on which you should not extend especially at work, - private life. For example, one my friend decided suit female happiness by means of the Internet. Also had imprudence casually to share with one of employees in a smoking-room that goes for appointment. Also it was very unpleasantly surprised when the next morning the colleague from other department maliciously took an interest as yesterday there passed the romantic evening! As the evening turned out not really, and the girlfriend would like to forget about it somewhat quicker, the excess reminder on it appeared very inopportunely. And the more so from lips of the person who did not have access to its secrets at all!

But it is just baby talk in comparison with the history which happened to two employees who were on friendly terms - were on friendly terms, and then appointed one of them the head of department. Then on a small buffet reception about it the second loudly told: “And I here know some which abortions do every year and as decided to marry the man, so to become pregnant and it is impossible!“ That newly made chief ran out in tears at anybody without having left doubts about whom there was a speech in this expressional speech. Here so, trust personal secrets at work!

By the way, about personal secrets - often they should be stored at least not to shock people around. Recently I learned about one colleague, which - that that it was better for me not to know. I, honestly admit, did without information on its sexual addictions. But - it reached my ears and forever changed my idea of the person. Now every time when I see this the man sweetest in every respect and the father of family, I think of how one probationer was treated at the proctologist after a pokinulakorporativny party together with it. And how, you think, I learned about it? Everything is simple - she complained to employees! By the way - one more important council - you should not expatiate on a condition of the health especially.

Further - it is worse. I was told about the young lady from accounts department of one strategic object who very much liked to unpack search results from Google. No, the hobby in itself is harmless - not to compare to a collecting of sausages (I hope, you know this joke). If not its search queries whether among which were in the lead “Survive spermatozoa in water“, “Moral aspects of sex three together“, “A cunnilingus - pros and cons“, “Promiscuity - a sin or new norm of life“ and so on. And even it is not so terrible while it is stored in the locked box of its office table. But once in its strategic office check of tax police appeared suddenly. And all documents, up to the smallest scrap of a piece of paper, were withdrawn and sealed.

Whether it is worth mentioning what how tax inspectors neighed, soon was learned by all organization?

I would not want to intimidate you, dear readers, or to urge not to communicate with employees on the subjects which are not concerning quarterly reports, calls to clients or the presentations. Be just vigilant. So, just in case.