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In marriage nevterpezh? Instruction for the choice of the spouse of

Sad statistics. Today, despite abundance of opportunities and the seeming choice width to create a married couple it appears rather not easy. But in what a problem? Let`s try to understand.

Some fateful young people argue that it is necessary to marry “two strips“, in other words - on that, “whom God will send“, or by the principle “who the last, that and the father“.

It is necessary to tell that it is rather desperate step. Here the marriage by calculation is more preferable: “at least you know for what you suffer“. And in general, be not afraid to fall in love and establish a family on love. Yes, the love is not eternal and - moreover - is even rapid. But here at least will be what to remember and about what to sigh in a happy old age. So, we will start business.

What is looked for by the man? First of all, as we know, guys pay attention to appearance. Here it floats by: both the breast, and a bottom on the place, and gait forces to turn back. Here it, apparently, - your dream! That which causes desire which is not a shame for showing to friends. But often in actual fact it turns out that the external chic turns in internal emptiness moreover and rich “life experience“.

What is looked for by the woman? Naturally, man. Real man: strong, courageous, clever, responsible. On whom her look will stop? Here it, cool guy: beefy torso, fashionable “ïðèêèä“, abrupt “wheelbarrow“. But here suddenly it turns out that to the guy it is the most important the beer companies of friends, the car is bought on money of parents, without them he a blank space, and excess duties and a burden to it absolutely to anything.

What is received as a result? Sad statistics on which it is had 40% of lonely young people - both guys, and girls.

So in what a problem? Let`s look together. Guys are interested in a question: “Where decent girls disappeared?“ The similar question interests girls: “Where responsible men?“

For a start, I think, it is worth being defined with itself. And whether you need the decent, responsible person right now? Whether you are ready to change the cheerful, easy life and to charge yourself with freight of family responsibility? Whether you are ready to wedding kanitel, to burden of life, to difficulties and whims “waiting for a miracle“? Whether you are ready to stint the cheerful company of girlfriends and friends for the sake of life for one person, for the sake of creation of a family cosiness and harmony?

You should not read further if the answer to these questions is not received yet.

Well, began to realize scales? Now to business. Where to look for the partner in life? The answer to this question will seem too simple. They nearby. It is so close that it will surprise you. It is necessary just to learn to see them.

You need the good wife, the skillful hostess, worthy mother of your children? Then turn away from “abrupt cow calves“. You already wholly tasted them experience and skill? Pay attention to the silent modest woman, even “a gray mouse“ or as it is convenient to you, “lokhushka“. Under this “lyagushechy skin“ the tsarevna - a swan“ can quite disappear “.

Maliciously smiled? And in vain. There are no ugly women, there are underfunded. You remember miracles of successfully picked up clothes and a make-up - can, this “mouse“ will give odds to everything that happened before to you.

Lovely ladies! Turn back! You should not sink down on abrupt cars and cash. Not the fact that all these benefits are reached by dedicated work of the most young man, but not his standing on the own two feet parent. You do not want to depend on the mother-in-law entirely. Remember how your mother sighed, looking on neighbour`s “the fellow - a burdock“ which on days off beat out carpets under your windows.

Wrinkled fastidiously a nose? In vain! It it, that responsible and decent man. And the cool guy the clever companion of life does him of any man.

Think over it is can, in your life something will change!