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East sweet of “Namur“: how it is correct to prepare houses?

Around the world Arabian cuisine are famous for the tremendous sweets. There is a huge number of their types. Many of them are traditional and prepare according to recipes to which not one hundred years.

But among all presented abundance there is a delicacy without which residents of the Arab countries do not think of any holiday or a house celebration. It is about “Namur“.

In the countries of the East - for example, in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey - she is trained by houses or buy by weight in the specialized shops trading only in sweets. “Namura“, as well as all Arab sweets, in small local little shops prepares exclusively manually. Most often freshly cooked “Namura“ is bought up still in the forenoon - it is worth noticing that in this case this is not about shops in the places which are actively visited by tourists.

The prices especially do not differ, but here quality often leaves much to be desired. Of course, to the person who did not taste real “Namura“ yet, taste of such “culinary masterpiece“ can seem quite tolerable, but it is better to avoid purchases in the shops calculated only on tourists.

What then to do? If the person is in the east and knowledge of language allows, then it is possible to take an interest at personnel of hotel where nearby it is possible to buy “Namura“ and other sweets.

Still very important nuance - in the east of candy, chocolate and coffee are on sale in shops, separate of other sweets (everything, as for sweet and salty pastries).

And what remains to those who are not going to go to the countries of the East soon, and there is a wish to please itself and relatives with overseas sweet very much? Of course, it is possible and to buy in the next supermarket, and “Namura“ can be prepared also in house conditions. To make within its powers even by that who does not consider himself as the excellent culinary specialist.

So, the step-by-step recipe - how to prepare east sweet of “Namur“ easily and quickly. It is required to us:

- 1 glass of semolina (it is better than a fine and coarse grinding in half);
- 2 glasses of granulated sugar;
- 1 glass of milk;
- 1 glass of kefir with high % of fat content;
- 1 tablespoon of melted butter;
- 1 teaspoon of yeast;
- a salt pinch.

Way of preparation:

1. For a start we will prepare capacity for connection of products. We add milk and kefir to two glasses of sugar. If there is no one of these components, it is possible to replace it available. We stir before sugar dissolution.

2. Gray on a steam bath melted butter also we add it to sakharno - dairy mix.

3. We fill up both types of semolina with yeast to mix. Everything is well mixed and we leave for the night before its full swelling.

4. We grease a tray with fat and we sprinkle with flour.

In an oven we bake about 30 minutes to a ruddy crust from above and from below.

We water cooled-down “Namura“ with sugar syrup and we decorate with coconut flakes or shaving of fresh pistachios.

This recipe - not the only option of preparation, but is considered one of the simply and tasty. Try - everything surely will turn out!