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To you coffee or tea? Coffee tea, please!

Interesting news! The coffee tea made by a zavarivaniye of leaves of a coffee tree can soon become the most demanded drink. Scientists consider that such is the best combination of tea and coffee. Not so strong new drink as coffee, and besides is deprived of bitterish tart taste of tea. It refreshes

, takes off fatigue, dulls feeling of hunger - generally, demand for it is guaranteed.

Research associates of the Royal botanical garden which is in London together with the French colleagues from Montpellier at the same time studied properties of leaves of coffee. Both groups came to similar conclusions.

The same as mangoes and a kopeechnik Alpine, widely applied in traditional medicine, contain leaves of a coffee tree mangiferin. This substance possesses antiviral activity, and still antioxidant properties - and therefore very effectively prevents warmly - vascular diseases.

To fans of coffee and tea, two most popular drinks of the present, it will not be necessary to argue on their usefulness soon. Obviously, the drink, most useful to health, is the tea made from the coffee leaves processed on appropriate technology.

To be fair it is necessary to tell that attempts to import a coffee leaf to Europe were made at the beginning of the 19th century, but were unsuccessful. Coffee tea with pleasure is drunk in Africa and Indochina, however Europe, having fallen in love with drink from fruits of a coffee tree, persistently ignores drink from its leaves.

Coffee warms morning of the whole world. Statistically, coffee - goods, the second for a demand. First place is won by oil. The world market of coffee grows every year approximately for 10%, in Russia the similar tendency is observed. In Russia they drink robusta and arabica coffee which bring from Vietnam, Brazil and India. Approximately for 2% import of instant coffee which most popular brands - “Jacobs“ and “Nescafe“ grows every year.

“Ah, leave! And here coffee? Here tea is yes!“ - fans of tea will tell. How to them not to listen if their millions? British joke that it is easier for them to present Britain without queen, than without tea. Chinese claim: “Three days are better to be left without salt, than one day without tea“. “Tea is a rise of soul!“ - the artist V. Milashevsky exclaims. “And tea we will be given?“ - V. V. Putin asks. Of course, will give. In Russia about 1,2 kg of tea a year are the share of one person!

Tell that Anna Akhmatova, the person categorical and direct, tested new acquaintances three simple questions. Coffee or tea? Mandelstam or Pasternak? Cat or dog? In her opinion, answers to these questions strictly divided her guests into two types. One - fans of tea, Pasternak and dogs. Others loved coffee, Mandelstam and cats. Akhmatova considered that the first are people optimistical, sincerely healthy and true. It defined the second as people of less moral, however thin and refined.

Life of the modern person cannot be imagined without these two popular drinks. Almost every day there are all new messages on advantage and harm, on medical nature and toxicity of coffee and tea. There is the whole science about the correct zavarivaniye of tea and a new profession the barista - coffee affairs of the master, not to count recipes of preparation of the best coffee and the most tasty tea. All this speaks only about one - these two drinks deserve “a monument in the homeland of the hero during lifetime“. And the grateful mankind did not stint creation of such monuments.

The biggest monument to tea is built in the city of Meytan (China) which is considered the homeland of the Chinese green tea. Brightly - the red building of the museum of tea looks as a huge teapot, it is built on the mountain and it is visible from far away. Height of the building of 74 m, that is almost with 20 - the floor house. The area of internal premises of this museum - 5000 m 2 ! And nearby the building is a tea cup less. And monuments to a samovar in Yelabuga (Tatarstan) and in the city Wang (Turkey), monuments to a teapot in St. Petersburg, in Andijan (Uzbekistan) and Uzhhorod (Ukraine) are still put.

Devoted admirers of coffee come to a bronze coffee tree in San - Paulo (Brazil), to a monument to the coffee grain erected in Costa - Ric, to a coffee cup to Almaty. And in the Ukrainian city of Uzhhorod of the whole five monuments of coffee, the most impressive - huge the Turk with the boiling-away coffee!

How still to show the devotion to favourite drinks? It was necessary only to give a toast and to glorify them. Well, well, not a glass, but a liqueur glass with liqueur. And not to run in the nearest shop or in “Duty Free“, let`s make liqueur or even two. Try and you will see that it is simple, quickly and tasty!

Not to wander from a subject, let`s make “Tea liqueur“ and kofeyno - egg “Ayrish Krim“.

Tea liqueur .

- tea black - 40 g;
- sugar - 180 g;
- cognac or brandy - 380 g;
- vanilla essence - 1 tablespoon (tablespoon) ;
- water - 180 ml + 900 ml.

Way of preparation:
1. In a saucepan with a thick bottom to mix sugar from 180 ml of water, to bring to boiling and to cook 2 minutes, without mixing, to cool.
2. To put tea in other saucepan, to fill in 900 ml of boiled water, to allow to be drawn under a cover of 5 minutes, and then to filter.
3. To mix brewing tea with sugar syrup, to add vanilla essence and cognac.
4. To pour in glass capacity, to close, sustain densely in the cool dark place within 7-10 days.

Result - 1,5 liters of excellent liqueur.

Ayrish kry

- 5 egg yolks;
- 1 teaspoon (h l.) vanilla essence;
- 1 glass of sugar;
is 1 h l. powder of instant coffee;
- 1 glass of qualitative vodka;
- 250 ml of pasteurized milk;
- 250 ml of heavy cream.

Way of preparation:
1. To pound the mixer yolks with sugar before obtaining magnificent light weight.
2. Continuing to pound, add gradually all other products.
3. To pour in glass capacity, to close, store densely in the refrigerator.

Result - 1 liter of the most tasty liqueur.

To your health!