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Why it is necessary to know the ideal weight?

the Ideal weight (weight) of a body are not only attractive figure and an opportunity to carry stylish things, but also health and working capacity for many years. Hardly anyone - that from you wishes to get such “diseases of a century“ as diabetes, a hypertensive illness, heart diseases, a stroke … And excess weight is one of the leading risk factors in development of these diseases.

In the USA the cost of the insurance policy depends on body weight even, that is patients should pay the extra kilos. And some insurance companies refuse to people with high degree of obesity at all!

Why “Body weight index“? by

for many years, since 19th century, developed many formulas and theories of calculation of optimum body weight. And now in network mass media it is possible to meet different options of accounting of ideal weight in which many parameters are considered: growth, sex, age, constitution type.

But in medicine easier way which is called “Body Weight Index“ (BWI) is mainly used. It is developed between 1830 and 1850 by the Belgian scientist Adolphe Quetelet. And since the beginning 80 - x years of the last century this method is recommended by World Health Organization. By means of IMT it is indirectly estimated whether weight is normal, insufficient or superfluous. At the same time only 2 indicators - the mass of the person and his growth are considered.

A formula for calculation of the body weight index (BWI):

of IMT (kg/m ²) = weight (kg) / (growth (m) ²

that is your weight, expressed in kilograms, it is necessary to divide into growth in meters squared. For example, your weight is 66 kg, and height is 1,67 m of IMT = 66 kg / (1,67 m) ² = 23. 6 kg/m ²

Calculate the IMT and if your result appears in the range from 18,5 to 25 - you have the optimum weight, IMT lower than 18,5 - deficiency of weight, higher than 25 is already excess weight. And if passed for 30 - will make you the diagnosis obesity.

And now we will look, than it can threaten your health. If your IMT:

• More than 27. 5 - attention! You have high risk of development of diseases of heart, a hypertensive illness, stroke, diabetes.

• 23 - 27,4 - moderate risk of development of the same diseases.

• 18. 5 - 22. 9 - low risk. You can congratulate yourself - you entered health range!

• less than 18,4 - alas, the risk of development of other problems, such as dystrophy or osteoporosis appears.

How to calculate own ideal weight?

According to sociological polls, most of women consider that they better look in the range of IMT from 20 to 22, and men prefer higher range - from 23 to 25.

We will assume that you the woman with growth of 1,67 m and with a body weight of 66 kg (as in the previous example). And you would like to grow thin and appear a little in “the health range“, and for this purpose decided to reach IMT equal 22.

In this case the ideal weight can be learned, having increased IMT by a square of the growth in meters:

weight (kg) = IMT (kg/m ²) x (growth (m)) ² = 22 x 1,67 ² = 61,3 kg. So nearly 5 kg should be dumped!

In this way it is possible to calculate the weight and in other cases. For example, you want to approach parameters a top - models, but without prejudice to an organism. Then in calculations we substitute IMT equal 18,5 (the lower bound of range of health) and we receive result - 51,6 kg. Or opposite, you accept your figure, but do not want to pass a dangerous threshold above which high risks of development of diseases appear. Having multiplied a square of the weight on 27,4 (an indicator of IMT which still enters border of moderate risk), we receive as a result of 76,4 kg.

And what there in the world?

Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine calculated average IMT for residents of 177 countries, using data of the UN in the field of the population.

Where there was the greatest number of corpulent people? At all not in the USA as we got used to think, and in Tonga and Micronesia. Average IMT in these countries, respectively, 32,90 and 32,82. Americans pulled “only“ on 27,8, but too entered a zone of high risk. The lowest indicators of IMT in Eritrea (19,85) and in Vietnam (19,96). Russia and Ukraine in this list look pretty well: average IMT of the Russian - 23,25, the Ukrainian - 23,34.

Whether it is possible, having too low or high IMT, to consider itself healthy? the Index of body weight is applicable

both for men, and for women, but has some restrictions. It cannot be used for children. Besides, people will have it too high with big muscle bulk, for example, at bodybuilders and too low at athletes, for example. And, at last, if you are pleasant to yourself such as is, and doctors do not find medical indications for adjustment of your weight - do not worry and be happy!