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What to esteem? Valery Brumel, “Height“ of

At first is a little background - as this book fell into my hands when I was still a schoolgirl. And also how its contents affected my subsequent life.

… In 1991 the thirteen-year-old girl when falling from a springboard got a terrible trauma - a multiple fracture of a hip. In hospital applied a leg of which sharp fragments of bones stuck out bandages and tires, the pulled hard pain slightly receded under the influence of anesthetic and soothing. She heard as the doctor told the arrived mother: “To go, of course will be, but the leg, most likely, will remain to a curve and well, than another: too heavy change, it is necessary to collect a bone on pieces …“ the Next several days the girl remembers

badly - constantly pricked strong drugs, it was in some light slumber - semi-nonsense. Remembers only that it was put on a stretcher, brought in the car and suspended this stretcher on loops. After the long road (carried as then it became clear, about three days) it was brought in hospital again. Not departing for a minute mother talked already to other doctor, elderly, small growth.

Then almost at once - operation, a long exit from an anesthesia, and here it with surprise looks at the leg chained in some terrible metal design. Again panic pulled hard, tears poured down from eyes just the river, one thought - how to live that with me will be now, I the disabled person will remain now! Probably, she through crying said the thoughts aloud because the doctor who just came to examine it (it was that small growth the old man), smiled and told:

- Wait - I now you which - that I will bring …
It returned also stretched it the old book in the bedraggled cover.
- That you sob - that, all is fine, I performed operation, you should not sob now - here will bring crutches, get up and start walking. And when you will lie and have a rest, read this book … It was written by the person at whom the trauma was much heavier, than yours! If I could put its on legs, really you think that you will leave the cripple from here?

It is a little about the author of the book. Readers of the senior generation, age of my parents, have to remember this legend of the Soviet sport - Valeria Brumelya. A legend called him in 60 - 70 years, it was the jumper in height from god, nobody, except it, established still records on jumps to a thicket. Six world records were established to in total them.

In 1965 it was at the zenith of fame and was going to subdue the new height when had a ridiculous accident. Result - the hardest leg injury. As he writes in the book, the leg was not simply broken - its remains dangled on sinews … More than twenty operations were performed, the best stars of medicine only made a helpless gesture - to return this person to normal life - and that will hardly turn out, and it is possible to forget about sport precisely.

Valery could not imagine that he, the athlete to whom the whole world after its records clapped will not be able even normally to go! After the next operation the leg was, it seems, “collected“, but it became 2,5 cm shorter … To go - that now which - as could, but he wanted to jump!

Brumel was reached by rumors that there is one little-known surgeon Gabriel Ilizarov who allegedly works wonders - extends and shortens extremities, collects on splinters of a bone of legs and hands when other doctors recommend only amputation. “To it immediately!“ - Brumel solved! Ichudo really happened - Valery Brumel by means of Ilizarov not only again became the full-fledged person, he began to train and in 1970 established a new record!

With these facts from life of the outstanding athlete, from his sports and private life you can get acquainted with the interesting moments, having read his book “Height“.

In the preface to the book Valery Brumel writes: “The person in the true sense of the word without aspiration until the end of the days to overcome the height does not exist. Or rather, can exist, but not live. I did not begin to retell the life, the sports destiny in strictly chronological order. I could not be charged that everything in my life will become interesting to the reader. Therefore I also told only about what especially concerned me and concerns today. About the way in sport, about friends, foes, about pleasures and failures, about tens of things which affect me as the person. Whenever possible, I tried to interest in this book not only athletes. I managed it, is not present - to judge to the reader“.

The book is written not by the professional writer, but its contents is so fascinating, we see so much fanatical persistence of the author on achievement of the purpose, all feelings and experiences of this person are so in detail described that you do not pay attention to small stylistic shortcomings. I read it on one breath … Next day, when mother brought me crutches, I not without some fear got up on them, but linked teeth and took the first step. “Ilizarov`s device“ which once returned Valery Brumel to big-time sports helped also me - already next fall, after the long recovery period, I tried to get up on skis again, and went to “the Ski track of Russia“ in the winter.

I was not a champion and did not become, but the book about the remarkable athlete and not less remarkable doctor true put me on legs, forced to believe that even in the worst situation it is impossible to panic. The book, unfortunately, at me did not remain - girlfriends in turn took to read it and some of them lost. It is a pity to me still, it was with Ilizarov`s autograph...

The book wrote in 1971. In a year after I left hospital in Kurgan (exactly there I was treated), Gabriel Ilizarov died, the legend of the Soviet sport of Brumel is dead for a long time … Now it is not accepted to advertize the books written to the Soviet period, but I strongly recommend to read this book to all! In my opinion, it is worth it.