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How Romans conquered Britain? 5. An anabasis of the Second legion of

of Richboro - Meduey - future London Bridge - Kamulodunum - such is a gain route Romans of Britain in the summer 43 - go. But operations of the Roman army are not exhausted by it.

June - July. Three legions sit on the right coast of the Thames and, expecting arrival of the emperor, rehearse a solemn crossing on the left coast. Yes, only three.

Near on July 1 left camp on the II of August and went to Hugo - the West. Tit Flavy Vespasian who in the 69th year became the emperor ordered this legion. It seems that the governor Imperii liked to tell about feats what he made in youth, and was to whom to write down. Fortunately for historians. Even if embellished a little - it does not matter.

The legion was strengthened by divisions of allies, batav or Thracians. In total under Vespasian`s command there were 8-10 thousand people (actually a legion - 5 thousand).

First of all on the II of August and others went to Kalleva (Silchester) - the capital of atrebat. All were glad to return of the expelled Veriki or not everything there, it is impossible to exclude that nobody. Or perhaps there were also other candidates for reksa. Arrival of a legion convinced doubting - clear business, the kind word.

It is clear, that Vespasian had to move on the right, southern coast of the Thames. Before Claudius`s arrival the left coast for Romans - a taboo. On the other hand, the river on the right flank - some guarantee from any surprises from remaining Karatak.

March to Kallevy took about a week. A week more - on all affairs connected with Veriki`s statement on a throne. Approximately on July 15 acted on the South, towards Noviomagus (Chichester) on the II of August.

Romans moved ahead slowly, carefully, with nightly arrangement of the strengthened camp at full scale - goodness knows what to wait from friends newly appeared allegedly for - atrebat. Weeks two reached the second breeding capital.

Approximately at the same time (the beginning of August) when the II legion reached Noviomagus, there arrived (the ship from Gallia) Tibery Claudius Kogidumn. This notable atrebat (and on education and outlook - the Roman) should become Rex of the new tribe - remiziyev.

On everything, a remiziya - the tribe of Britons invented by Romans especially for Kogidumn that to that was over whom to become Rex. Well, still in order that not to give to Verike too much power.

By means of Vespasiana Kogidumn it was approved as the head of state and went to Kamulodium - for bringing of the oath to Claudius.

On the II of August the legion became on winter quarters in Noviomagus`s vicinities. Here - large trade port. Gallia from where it is possible to receive supplies - practically nearby. Though just August, and all the same - the end of summer to start new campaign as if and rather late. The fall, rains which are washed away, turned into the impassable bog of the road.

However, Vespasian did not idle. While the legion together with allies designated the Roman presence in the region, negotiations with neighbors, belga were conducted. Their regional capital was on the place of present Winchester.

Belg were not in a friendly way adjusted in relation to Romans, it is rather - on the contrary. But for them already everything was solved. Borders are defined, Rex is appointed (someone from the Roman Britons). It was possible to resist, but the connection of the Roman army wintering in close proximity somehow discouraged. Reluctantly and gritting the teeth, leaders of belg recognized themselves as clients of Rome.

The sun warmed, birdies started singing. Spring 44 - go. Vespasian`s army moved on the West.

At first the legion went to present Portchester. Here, apparently, there was already a seaport, but Romans constructed also the strengthened fort. In general, connection very much depended on supply by the sea from Gallia therefore Vespasian was forced to pay much attention to ports and harbors and could not move away from the coast especially far.

Nevertheless the part of a cavalry, about one thousand people, moved considerably to the north, through Winchester on Old Sarum, and joined the main forces only later. Clear business, someone needed to walk through the capital of belg that impression to make and support success achieved in the diplomatic way.

One more group of an allied cavalry (a batava, most likely) was sent to walk across the Isle of Wight and to lead islanders to submission. Those saw how by their coast the Roman ships to and fro scurry about and to resist did not think. Purely formal action.

Romans promoted on the West of kilometers so on seventy and stopped near the town of Uimborn Minster, it is a little to the North from Poulat. There, in a river Stour bend (it is not that Stour, which in Kent, but too Stour), they stopped and engaged in construction of a fort. Very solid, even grandiose defensive works of 29 acres turned out. Subsequently it became constant camp II of Avgustov of a legion. Then, when Romans battled against Karatak`s army near the river Severn, the fort on Stour formed transshipment terminal through which supply was conducted.

It is already the earth of the durotrig, in relation to Romans which are adjusted not that it is especially hostile, but also not in a friendly way. Svetony writes that Vespasian won against them thirty fights, it is, seemingly, search, but some battles, at least, of skirmish - were.

However, it is rather possible to speak not about fights in a clean floor, and about storms and captures of durotrigsky forts. It is possible to call them also ancient settlements, and Romans used the term “Oppidium“. Vespasian took one such strengthening in Bedberi Rings to an exit to Stour, but there was resistance there or not - is unclear. Here the fort in Spettisberi Rings, in 10 km to the West from the Roman camp, was precisely taken with fight - archeologists found remains about hundreds of the dead in battle there.

Romans turned to the North and soon appeared under walls of powerful strengthening of Britons on the hill Hod Hill. There are no traces of storm per se probably to durotriga there was enough firing from ballistas, their meter arrows were found at excavation.

Vespasian ordered to construct on Hod Hille a fort on the Roman sample - that neighboring inhabitants were afraid, and moved on Hugo again - the West. The legion was transported through the river Froum in borders of the present city of Dorchester (his Romans also based), and there already nearby and the Maiden`s Lock - Maiden castle.