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How to bring up in itself the person? Ecological education, on the example of activity of zoos.

In the modern world influence a condition of environment a set of factors, the majority of which, to some extent, depend on impact of the person on environment. As factors of local influence (household pollution of landscapes, economic land development, poaching, direct destruction of animals, etc.) and factors of global scale (climatic anomalies, chemical and radiation pollution of the environment) are caused, substantially, by the level of ecological culture as the integral component of the general culture of the person.
is valid, his further acts in this direction also depend on degree of education of the person in the sphere of ecology. Ecologically unaware person cannot estimate fully scales of the influence on the nature and consequences of such influence. we Recognize
that actions of the person, first of all, are based on his requirements. For example, we irrationally use natural resources that as it seems to us, as much as possible to facilitate and improve ours existence, we do not think at all of what will be then.
That is why ecological education of the person is so important, and it is necessary to be engaged in it since early years.
One of the most effective ways carrying out such work is activity of zoos. Being objects of PZF, possessing collections of animals, material resources and personnel resources, zoos are capable to carry out activities for increase of ecological culture of people with extremely high return.
- educational department of a zoo belong To duties of the ecologist:
- Carrying out thematic ecological holidays for children. On such actions children can closer get acquainted with pets of a zoo, learn about them a set interesting and in a game form to learn about how it is important to show love, respect and care for living beings. Children draw important conclusions for themselves by which are guided and in the future.

- Carrying out excursions and exit lectures. Such work is already calculated on public of all age. When carrying out thematic lectures follows always when it is possible, besides visual, to provide tactile contact of visitors with animals that considerably strengthens psychological effect. The thought is accurately fixed in minds of people that the animal before it is a stomach a being with soul, the character that causes sympathy for it and desire to help and take care.
- On experience of the Odessa zoo I can tell that carrying out lectures on the subject “Snakes of Odessa Region“ can be a striking example of successful lecture work. The problem of direct destruction of snakes was particularly acute in Odessa region always very much. Despite the lack of poisonous types, all types living here including included in the Red List of Ukraine are exposed to cruel destruction. Only in Ovidiopolsky district for one season thus about 100 individuals of a runner of Sarmatian (Elaphe sauromates), to 250 individuals of a runner of zheltobryukhy (Hierophis caspius) and to 3500 individuals of already water (Natrix tessellata) perish. Listening of thematic lecture with demonstration of animals allows people to completely change the attitude towards snakes with negative on positive.

- use of media resources that allows to inform of nature protection outlook a general population. the Task of the ecologist - educational work of zoos - to do to
people more educated, kinder and more spiritual.