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Floristics. What it, craft of the flower fairy?

Never thought of what long way is gone by flowers before they get to those to whom are intended? They spend considerable part of this time at florists. It seems that the florist is only the seller: received flowers, wrapped them and sold. But everything appears absolutely not so simply... we Will begin

, as usual, with definition. Who such florist and what is floristics? Floristics - art of drawing up colourful compositions (arrangements, bouquets, collages, a panel) from various vegetable (flowers, leaves, berries, nuts, herbs) and not plant materials (a beads, pastes, tapes, fabric...) . Those who do all this beauty, respectively, are called florists.

Day of the florist begins early: before arrival of visitors to shop it is necessary to manage to water and clear all houseplants of the dried-up leaves and to change water in vases with the cut flowers which are stored in the refrigerator. This duty of the florist is not less important, than direct drawing up bouquets. It would seem, nothing difficult. But if to water a plant with too large amount of water, it instead of pleasing visitors of shop with new flowers, will simply wither! You saw how many flowers cost in the refrigerator? All need to change water. Here it is more than enough of work.

Any cut flower goes a long way from the place where it grew, to shop, and therefore before sale it needs special leaving. Before transportation each flower is wrapped in a crepe paper that it did not break, and then all flowers pack in a box. Task of the florist - “to recover“ them. Flowers get, sort by stalk length, clean the rumpled petals and put in order in the be unsoldered refrigerator. When the flower gets drunk waters and will finish, it can be exposed on a show-window.

The main work of the florist consists, of course, in drawing up flower compositions. The real master is able to do beauty practically of nothing, and if there is a good choice of flowers, here it is possible to be developed with might and main. Gift and wedding bouquets, buttonholes and baskets, registration of houseplants and desktop compositions are only small list of what the florist has to be able to do. The rest depends on his talent and art taste.

But, as if beautifully ready compositions looked, it is worth to remember that it is only one party of a medal. There is, of course, also another, less pleasant. Flowers, even the most beautiful, come to sale in big and heavy boxes. Florists should sort them. And at analysis of what only does not happen! One thorns of roses of what stand! Besides, owners of some flower shops use cunning: instead of buying the expensive refrigerator for flowers, they buy the conditioner to the room. And as a result not only plants, but also florists live in the cold room. And in water it is necessary to potter quite often so it is necessary to forget about beautiful manicure.

When you work qualitatively and for conscience, people will return both more than once, and as a result constantly will begin to come to you. The most pleasant at work - to see contented faces of clients and to meet them again. Florists say that to give to people pleasure and beauty is an incomparable feeling. And it is also the highest award for the florist!