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How Romans conquered Britain? 4. March on the capital of

Romans crushed Britons on the river Meduey, buried the killed, assembled the weapon and Islands began to prepare for advance deep into.

Karatak who after death of the elder brother became the Supreme Rex Katuvellaunov and still sets of other tribes took away forces which remained at its order towards present London. The city then was not yet, but (around London Bridge) the ferry worked.

Britons were transported through the Thames and occupied defense on its northern coast. Romans followed them the same route and soon too approached.

The same picture, as on Meduee began to be developed. Armies stand on opposite coast against each other. Batava find somewhere the ford which is not considered as that for all others but quite suitable for them. Are transported.

Engineering parts of the Roman army begin construction of the bridge above on a current, around Vestminser where Big Ben, Parliament and so on.

Possibly, there was a skirmish of Britons with batava. But to prevent a crossing of legions, at the same time reflecting attacks of batav, Karatak did not have enough forces, and to wait until all Roman army arrives to the left coast of the Thames - pure suicide.

Karatak left, receded from the remains of the army on the North, and then - is far on the West, in present Glostershayr. Clear business, at least, a half of its army during retreat ran up so so far - to some time - Romans had the right Karatak`s army not to take into consideration.

Romans gave up construction of the temporary bridge into Ventsminstere and began to build capital, nowadays known as London Bridge where Britons had a ferry. Here they got stuck for some time.

Court chroniclers (and at them peredrat Dion Kassy) right there invented the version that the Roman army stuck in the British bogs, and only the Genius Imperatora could bring her out of these bogs. Personal presence of the emperor and still - elephants, differently from a bog - is necessary in any way.

All to hide the true reason of a delay. Slightly legions did not conquer Britain in the absence of the commander-in-chief. In general, after Karatak left coast of the Thames, on large to battle especially and there is nobody was. It was necessary to make victorious march on the enemy capital - Kamulodunum.

Here in order that to head this march, Claudius also arrived to Britain. With elephants. No, business clear - the emperor at the head of victorious army, conquest of the big country, Triumph and so on. But elephants what for? Here a wish arose, and all.

In spite of the fact that the bridge was already built, legions meanwhile were not transported through the Thames. Only rehearsed a solemn crossing. What was executed subsequently, headed by the emperor who arrived at last to a scene of action.

Legions were engaged in rehearsals the whole one and a half months. They left to the Thames on June 7-10, Claudius arrived only at the end of July.

Further - hundred-kilometer march on Kamulodunum (Colchester). Not only resistance was not expected - to the capital of katuvellaun were in good time invited (voluntarily - violently) eleven British reks in order that they testified the submission to the emperor.

However, it is mentioned some battle (skirmish) near Brentvud. It seems that myth. To whom could it come to mind - with some insignificant forces to try to resist to the legions which crushed powerful army of katuvellaun? But how so - it turns out, brilliant Claudius did not participate in one battle? And elephants? Here that to eliminate this misunderstanding, and the corresponding entry in court chronicles appeared.

And in general, Romans could suit, who knows, a performance of battle, from them would be become.

Together with the website “Roman Britain“ we will try to understand who it is concrete what eleven tsars, in 43 - m swore to Rome.

Verika, Rex Atrebatov. This companion, of course, has no place to disappear. Under the slogan of return of Veriki to a throne all British campaign was also started.

The unknown by the name of Rex Brigantov. Appearance of this mister in Kamulodunum is a little unexpected - his possession in the north, is far (Liverpool, Leeds, Carlisle and even Newcastle). But is more - less reliable information that was. Perhaps, someone strongly offended brigant.

Antedios, Rex Itsenov. Norwich and vicinities. It is clear. The Roman army - at border of its possession.

Adminus, the elder brother Togodumna and Karataka, as Rex Kantiakov (Kent). It is expelled by brothers and already some time lived in Rome.

Volisios, Rex Koritanov. To Romans was under supervision at Katuvellaunov. The Ist - Midlands.

Rex northern dobunniyev Bodvok. Unstably felt, and katuvellauna could offend, and dobunniya were divided on hostile camp. Somewhere between Gloucester and Oxford. Not really probably, that Bodvok at that time really controlled something if only couple of villages. Then - yes, leaning on swords and a spear of the XIV legion.

Rex Parisiyev, living approximately from Hull to Mddlsboro.

Coming back to Verika. Probably, despite slogans, Romans not strongly trusted it and did not want to give too much power. Up to that selected part of lands and created, at least, two new artificial brittsky tribes.

The first - regnissiya. Sussex. Their Rex appointed Kogidumn. Not really it is clear, for what merits. On a nationality, probably, atrebat, but his full name speaks about something - Tibery Claudius Kogidumn, is obvious in honor of the emperor.

The second - is somehow unclear. Belg. In spite of the fact that both katuvellauna, and atrebata, and kantiak, and many others were belga too. The name of Rex is unknown.

It is nine it turns out. Two more, apparently, without having any rights for that, took the oath to Claudius on behalf of katuvellaun and trinovant and disappeared instantly from pages of history.

That is from eleven seven - specifically Roman puppets.

The message on such significant event as submission of the British kings, was immediately transmitted through alarm towers on the coast of La - Mansha, then, by the ship, to Gallia, further - to Rome.

Claudius, having made a solemn crossing through the Thames, solemn march on Kamulodunum, solemn entry into the capital of katuvellaun on an elephant (or accompanied by elephants), having taken a solemn oath at reks, fast left on the continent, having spent only sixteen days in Britain.

So far Rome reached while that - syo, the Triumph was celebrated in the 44th year.

Avl Plavty was appointed the deputy of the new province and remained to deal with remaining katuvellauna and other pressing problems. Kamulodunum where Romans at once began to build fortress in due form of science of that time and equipment became the capital of the province.

But campaign 43 years are not limited to it. If Vespasian`s biographers so tried, it will be necessary to tell about the II Avgustov`s raid a legion on the southern coast.