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How to overcome cold rapidly? The checked recommendations

In spring time deceptive weather often brings us to cold: the sun already fine burns, and the earth still up to the end did not get warm. How quickly to get on feet if your organism did not cope with overcooling and you were unwell?

1. You keep a body in the warm. to your organism needs to direct all forces to fight against microbes therefore facilitate to it a task, having put on by the rule “+1“: put on one layer more warmly than when you are healthy. Warmer socks, tights, an excess T-shirt and a jacket will not prevent. It is very important to warm the head and a neck - from them (and with legs too) the illness most often begins. The warm scarf can be not removed even at work and if to sleep in a hat, it will help to recover much rather.

2. Temporarily reconsider a food allowance. Besides warming, usually the body spends a lot of energy for digestion of food. Help an organism to cope with this work - limit sweet, fat and fried. To sweet all products treat with big addition of “chemical“ sweeteners: the packaged fruit juice, chocolate, jams and jam (yes! in the berries which are boiled down in sugar syrup useful as much, how many in a morning paper), chocolate, flour products, yogurts with flavoring additives, corn flakes, aerated water.

Now you need such products as natural honey, fruit, fresh berries, freshly squeezed juice (a well of vitamins), the stewed and boiled on couple vegetables, bean (chick-pea, soybeans), low-fat soups, the baked fish.

By the way, garlic and cinnamon are also included into the list of products - assistants at an illness. Cinnamon can be added to porridges and natural yogurts, and it is better to eat garlic crude, in the evening if you work in the afternoon. Do not forget to take out green core from each segment, useful from it it is a little. To minimize a pungent smell, “have a snack“ garlic on fresh parsley.

3. Liquid, liquid and once again liquid! to bring an infection out of an organism, drink more, especially water or weak green tea. Make to yourself tea from ginger - it is strong natural antiseptics which will help you to recover. And here about coffee it is better to forget now, this drink is quite aggressive for a liver.

4. A dream - the best means. we hear This phrase since the childhood. And it is faithful - during a dream the organism is restored most likely. Try to sleep more though each two hours if there is such opportunity. Or, having come from work, drink to tea, a honey spoon in a mouth, a hat on the head - and under a blanket. House you will be understood.

5. Well and at last, several tested ways to overcome cold.

If the throat hurts, it needs to be rinsed and never to hold dry. It is possible to rinse a throat the strong solution of salt filtered by herbs decoction (a camomile, a sage), and also hydrogen peroxide solution (50 ml of water on 1 teaspoon of 3% of peroxide). If the throat is very inflamed, garlick rinsing will help - squeeze out garlic in a glass of boiled water. Let`s stand 15 minutes, filter and rinse. After rinsing it is better to cover a glass with a lid.

Constantly suck special candies, and periodically chew, but do not swallow, a ginger piece. Helps.

There is one more folk remedy which was repeatedly influenced and in a family. Apply firm leaves of a fresh white cabbage to a throat, on leaves put cellophane, then any x / fabric and wind a neck with a scarf. It is necessary to change such compress each 2 - 3 hours. The sore throat considerably weakens on the same day.

the instillation in hydrogen peroxide solution ears will help to Lift the general tone (see above). Everything is simple - to dig in serially a pipette ears and to lie down sideways for 5 minutes on each party that did not follow.

At severe cold before going to bed steam legs in hot water with salt if, of course, there is no temperature.

At cough rub a breast and a back with fir or eucalyptus oil, it is possible to use, of course, both tiger balm, and our “asterisk“. Then be wrapped up and to sleep. If to spread with one of the transferred funds nose wings, it will help you to breathe normally during a dream.

inhalation by broth of a camomile or a sage, or just hot water with a drop of fir / eucalyptus oil will Also help to weaken illness symptoms. Within an hour after inhalation it is not recommended to drink, splash in a throat, to do rinsings, and also to breathe cold air. Some time is even whenever possible best of all not to talk.

I Hope, you found in this article for yourself something useful. Health to you!