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Social tourism - the myth or reality?

Novel places, campaigns, songs at a fire, camp... At first sight, only the prepared and hardy people can be engaged in all this tourist romanticism. But such phenomenon as social tourism enters our life. In other words, tourism for physically disabled people.

Very many can think that it is the complete nonsense. However - no, not the nonsense, is reality. I in July of last year visited similar camp, it was organized together with Moscow the psychologist - pedagogical university the remarkable person Alexander Yakovlevich Mendel. I will not list all its regalia and ranks, I will only tell that this person is engaged in tourism 40 years.

... Our camp stood in the picturesque place in a reserved zone on the bank of the Lake Seliger. Beauty of these places cannot be described. I for the first time in the life swept on kayaks, even tried to row with an oar, and at me it turned out a little. Yes, it was difficult, but all - turned out - it is for me open 2012!

Unforgettable emotions were presented by a collective campaign on open spaces of Seliger on kayaks, by the rubber boat and on the yacht. Also an evening sit-round gathering at a fire with a guitar together with participants from the next camps was organized. Everything was fine.

And now I want to express the personal opinion - that can give to physically disabled people stay in such camps. First of all, it will help them to realize the hidden opportunities, will give the chance to try to make something like that that they never did.

Let it will be connected with difficulties and overcoming. But when the person on a carriage will be able to make, apparently, something impossible, it will become for him a victory. Let it will be even something not really considerable for people around, but for the physically disabled person will have enormous value. Certainly, in the presence it has motivations.

The program of camp has to be constructed so that everyone who is here had the duties and was responsible for them. Let it will do it with someone`s help, but he will know that if does not make, then other participants of camp will suffer from it or to them it will be uncomfortable. That is the person will feel responsibility.

Also in this program such very important points as physical training and some competitions have to be thought over, in my opinion. For example, explaining the ground. Let it will be in several meters from camp, but will be.

Or cleaning of the territory, joint with Alexander Yakovlevich, - yes, it is honest, not unaided, but this work of people will receive pleasure, will feel necessary and even in some measure independent.

Certainly, have to be organized pass - seminars as in the camp, and - if are still camp near - both intercamp, and the subject has to be various. And also various intercamp actions - sports, intellectual, etc.

In my opinion, social tourism for from physically disabled people, besides fine rest, has to become also “School of life“, has to help it to reveal.

And, of course, it is necessary to prepare for it. To organize something like courses where skilled tourists will tell how to behave in that or other a case. It is good to do it both remotely, and internally where it is possible to try something to make in practice, that is to beat concrete situations which can happen in a campaign and find a way out of them.

In conclusion I want to tell many thanks to all who organized this wonderful trip on the beautiful lake Seliger. There is a strong wish to believe that social tourism will not be the myth, and will become reality, and us, physically disabled people, still more than once Seliger, and also new beautiful places of our great country of Russia will please with the beauty.

Beauty not only saves the world, but also cures.