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Than it is possible to take away the approaching thunder-storm? Cheese soup

The fact that on taste and color there are no friends - companions it and without hint clear. Something like the vital axiom which is not demanding additional proofs.

I we live with this stereotype which settled down to the livers, habitually, without any enthusiasm glancing at the stations and substations flashing behind a vital window, without paying already any attention to a pogromykhivaniye on rail joints.

Here and wrong it. There are no rules without any exception. Including in flavoring addictions. Recently itself had an opportunity to be convinced of it. Well, that there are no rules without any exception. In total so... rather unexpectedly it turned out. And I was not going to convince anybody of anything. The friend arrived to me. Well, I met him. That is syo … And did not manage to look back - business by the evening. And at my place … Sphere. In the refrigerator the mouse hung herself, and on pans - and nothing has been done so far.

And... Here - here. The spouse - from work. The senior - from there, only from other office. At the daughter change will end, too will come running, will begin to sandalit a spoon on a table.

I grew sad. Hung up not such a daredevil. Friend at once counter of glades: “You what?“ I explain. And it to me: “Yes do not worry you. It still it does not matter. And even not half-troubles. Now!“ Also pulls me to an epicure.

Came. It at once - in a basket a pack of processed cheese like “Viol“. We have Finland nearby, so this catalyst on writing of runes of the world famous epos “Kalevala“ - in! Higher than a roof simply. But at me though what it the most fine and untwisted brand be - do not eat. Do not eat mine fused. In general. Even a tea spoon you will not be interrogated. And here - a pack. 450 grams.

I try so carefully to the friend - that to hint about it. Like, not our razmerchik. There will be no mine. If he does not grudge the money, though I would wash the head … he know

A - waves away and adds to cart … such weighty head of cabbage of a cauliflower. Well, I here absolutely became gloomy. A time I think, to merge water. Who this muck is - that will be. Cabbage. Color! All right white. We would be briskets, sausages, briskets a piece … And such bigus … And this grass. No, women there for for the sake of a figure and not it will eat. And to all of us? Fie on it. On this cabbage, by itself.

The friend added to a basket 250 more meanwhile - a gram can of tinned champignons and - to cash desk. The rest supposedly houses has to be.

Well, has to, so has to.

We come with it shamefully - a lean package to me. At once on kitchen. Got a saucepan under soup. Such. Thorough. Mine all, plus friend. And what, on time perhaps? Not at restaurant as if.

All right, the pan was got. Waters in it and - on a plate. While begins to boil, we fast - fast, in four hands, a cauliflower sort on inflorescences. We cut off thick legs and we throw out. Everything that tiny - decent remained - we wash out under cold water and - in the boiling water. While it all there, in water, somersaults, we clean 3 - 4 average potatoes and, having cut with cubes, we send after cabbage.

On it we do not stop. We clean average carrots. One. We rub it on a large grater and after potato - in a saucepan! We cook all these allsorts minutes 15 on average fire.

As timer … Yes, forgot to tell. I on a plate have such piece inadvertently not to fall asleep. Sometimes helps. And so, time expired, the timer began to wail … It is necessary to get the blender. And, without removing a pan from a plate, this cunning unit … Here from where the friend knew that I have him?! “There is the rest houses“! And here would not be? And as if we all that in a pan cooked would crush?! But - was. There was a blender. Still East German production. Reliable. And trouble-free. As rifle Mauser. Also we crushed everything to homogeneous mass.

After that we add to this weight mushrooms and slowly, tablespoons, we spread cheese, constantly, on slow fire, stirring slowly so that “Viol“ was completely kindled. We bring already appetizingly smelling liquid to boiling.

For now it did not “happen“ yet, we clean a large onion and 4 - 5 garlic gloves. Small we slice all this - we cut and we fry - we brown on vegetable oil. As it is ready - in soup. All we mix the last time, we salt to taste and we switch off. And, happy, we leave from a plate. Soup is ready!

Only - half an hour . At us still time remained. So we cut already decently subdried up long loaf on centimetric cubes, threw out them on a baking sheet and, having sprinkled vegetable oil and having salted, thrust into an oven. For now through glass it was visible that were not reddened yet, the ukropchik was cut.

Mine came. We soup - on saucepans. From above - grenochka and greens … The kA - and - joint stock company this soup was eaten greedily. You will not believe. To it - bo - I do not lie. But women … You understand - wives - Russian cabbage soup - ny! With their diets and figures... So on an additive asked!

Well, we look - a thunder-storm by a proshurshal, and rolled to ourselves hundred drops. And what? Not to vanish to snack. Especially, it - not just like that. World snack appeared!

Yes, still. If to whom to Finland to run far, so instead of “Viol“ it is possible to use what packing of other processed cheese. “President“ there. Or same “Amber“...