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How to become the owner of the apartment?

the Housing question stood an edge at all times. We do not want to huddle in communal flats any more, and the prices of certain apartments reach transcendental heights. And all - is several ways to acquire own housing.

Purchase and sale

the best way to begin the owner of the apartment - to save up the sufficient sum of money for its purchase. You independently choose suitable option, sign the contract and are at once equipped in the new dwelling. In words everything is simple. Actually purchase of the apartment is followed by some difficulties. It is very heavy to save up the necessary large sum, besides time for searches of the suitable apartment probably is required it is necessary to address to real estate agency, these are additional expenses. And the risk to run into swindlers forces to be extremely careful.


to Get married to the wealthy person - sometimes the only way to lodge in own apartment. More precisely, in the apartment of the spouse. It is senseless to count that you will get such housing after divorce. If the property belonged to your half even before marriage, you have no rights for it. Even if the spouse got the apartment in inheritance or is presented by someone from his relatives after a wedding, the law on its party again. It is possible to catch own square meters, only if the apartment is recognized as in common acquired property. If your spouse buys housing on means from the family budget, be sure that a half anyway yours.


not the most joyful way of receiving the apartment, but all - you become the full owner of a living space if other successors who are not specified in the will, of course, are not found. But also in this case there are no reasons for panic. Under the law if the will “deprives“ lineal heirs (parents, children), they have the right only for a half of the fact that they would receive in case of its absence.

the Gift

Is possible

, someone from close friends or relatives will want to present you the apartment. The contract of donation will oblige the owner to transfer to you all rights for square meters at once or in a certain time. To specify in the contract that the apartment will turn to you into gift after death of the owner, it is impossible - it will be already the will. Pluses of donation it is available: it is not necessary to share with anybody, it is not necessary to save the huge sum for purchase and, unlike inheritance, receiving the apartment is not accompanied by death of her owner. It is very difficult to cancel donation, only if presented is condemned for attempt at life of the donator or his family or will use housing not for designated purpose.

the Mortgage

type of loan Popular today - a mortgage, a long-term loan on purchase of the apartment. It is possible to choose the apartment and to apply to bank for the loan, and it is possible to ask, on the contrary, at first the credit and to look for housing with money on hands. Scheme of acquisition of the apartment following: you pay 10-20% of housing cost, other sum for you is paid by bank.

After that the apartment is registered under the ownership, and you monthly within several years (and even decades) will pay to bank a debt. Of course, easier regularly to give a certain sum, than to save up several millions for purchase of good housing. But if you are not able to calculate the forces and will not cope with payments, the bank will take away the apartment.