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Where to go to Lent time?

the Lent - the best time for visit of the holy sites which on our planet not so it is not enough. You will not call excursion pilgrimage on monasteries and temples. The fleeting meeting with the ancient place will fly by in search of the necessary foreshortening for photographing and purchase of souvenirs. In such conditions it is just impossible to be adjusted on the necessary harmony.

Another matter - pilgrimage tour. It is a fine opportunity not only to see unique ancient constructions, but also to participate in church services. The benefit, in the world is a lot of countries where is what to surprise both the beginning pilgrims, and travelers with an experience.


Syria - not the most popular state among the Russian tourists, but from that not less interesting. The successor of ancient Palmyra kept enough antique monuments and Christian shrines.

In the capital of the country, Damascus, there is “a cave of the first blood“ where, according to the legend, Abel died from hands of the brother. In Umayyad Mosque, the former basilica of St. Zachariah, John the Baptist`s relics are based. In the city there are a lot of places, knitted with the apostle Pavel.

In vicinities of Homs pilgrims are waited by Georges the Victorious and Simeon Stylites`s monasteries - the Saint who gave to a stolpnichestvo of 68 years of the life.


Turkey is famous for the beaches, but pilgrimage tour, unlike usual, provides a trip not to coastal resorts, and in one of the most ancient cities, Mira Likiyskiye. The city is well-known for the necropolis. The dead cut down a niche in the rock or built the tomb in accuracy repeating the dwelling of the dead. For several centuries the real “dead“ city was formed.

Orthodox Christians know the capital of ancient Lycia as the homeland of one of the esteemed Saints, Nicholas The Wonderworker. In the Worlds the majestic church with a mosaic and frescos where the Saint served as a bishop remained.

Nicholas The Wonderworker is considered to be as the patron of seamen and travelers. On a legend, during its voyage to Jerusalem to the holy sites the ship got to a terrible storm which nearly led to the tragedy. The team by miracle escaped Saint Nikolay`s prayers.

One more wards of Nicholas The Wonderworker are children and poor people. Once at Christmas night the Saint threw to three sisters from a poor family the gifts which after a while became to their dowries. Nikolay prepared for the younger girl a purse with gold coins and threw it into a flue. Absolutely incidentally the gift got into the washings which are hung out later socks. And the tradition arose to hang up Christmas stockings at a fireplace. And Saint Nikolay, or on foreign manners Santa - Claus, became all favourite Father Frost.


Jerusalem - the capital of three religions. For Christians here a lot of things are connected with Jesus.

At Lion`s gate its way to Golgotha began. Delaroz`s Via with 12 “stations“ (Christ`s stops on the way to the place of a crucifixion) conducts to the Temple of the Lord`s Coffin. Dumb Witnesses of that terrible event are stored in it: on an entrance the Ablution Stone lies, on it washed Jesus`s body, and the stone remembering a body of Christ Redeemer removed from a cross is stored in an underground chapel. Exactly here on the eve of Easter the fertile fire dispersing flashes on all temple and lighting candles in hands of believers lights up.