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How it is correct to take a bath?

the Heat bath are considered one of the best ways of relaxation and rest for a long time. Plunging into water, our muscles relax, and vital problems evaporate and remain behind a bathroom door.

All of us know that it is very useful to take baths with addition of various active agents which help us to improve blood circulation, expand a time, well influence not only a skin blanket, but also all organism in general. For this reason when we take a bath, it is recommended to use various cosmetics - foams, salts and essential oils.

Let`s understand a little, than they differ from each other and in what their advantage.

Bath foams. the special stabilizers of foam moistening additives, extracts of herbs and fruit and fragrances usually are their part for. They not only clear skin, but also soften it, tone up.

Bath salts. First of all, give to water pleasant aroma. Still ancient Egyptians used fragrant bath salts. Carbonic sodium which softens hard tap water is their part, and it prevents drying of skin. Salinas have the weakening effect and clear skin. In combination with warm water of salt effectively kill various articulate and muscular pains.

Essential oils we use for the different purposes, and a bathtub not an exception. You want to give to yourself magnificent party? Turn simple acceptance of a bathtub into an aromatherapy session. Add several drops of essential oil to water. Essential oils are extracts (products of distillation, otzhim) of various herbs, flowers and trees. Such oil bathtubs especially well influence dry skin.

How to make an oil bathtub?

Yes it is very simple: it is necessary to add 5 - 10 drops of the oil which was pleasant to you to warm water. Oil needs to be added to the filled bathtub, otherwise it will evaporate together with hot water and the bathtub will lose the useful properties still before you get into it. After that it is possible to begin immersion. Relax and inhale wonderful aroma.

Before a stormy night breathe “ilang - ilangy“.

Camomile oil perfectly calms and kills a headache.

Tangerine oil possesses the calming, refreshing action, inhalation of its aroma helps at problems with digestion.

Aroma of eucalyptus oil will cure you of cold.

Lavender oil gives the calming and counterbalancing effect - it perfectly helps at stresses, headaches, at cold.

Mint oil will refresh and will take off the unpleasant effects connected with disorder of a gastrointestinal tract (nausea, diarrhea).

Rose attar will help at bad mood, will soften body skin.

Rosemary oil makes the antiseptic and stimulating impact, helps at the aching pains.

It is especially useful to add santalaceous oil to a bathtub for mitigation of dry skin of a body. Besides, its aroma weakens.

Oil of a tea tree makes antibacterial impact. It deeply clears skin and helps to get rid of eels.

Besides bath foam, salts and essential oils, herbs will be not less useful. It is not obligatory to be spent for expensive cosmetics and aromatic oils for bathtubs at all. To use far more simply and the cheapest way usual medicinal herbs which can be bought in any drugstore or to collect most. the Grass as a hobby and bodies Miracle broths it is easy for

to prepare

in house conditions. It becomes so: 1 kg of small cut plants is filled in with 3 - 4 liters of cold water and is left for 5 - 10 minutes. Then all this is located on fire and 5 minutes cook, then 10 more minutes in hot water are drawn, the filtered broth is added to water for a bathtub.

If there is catastrophically not enough time for broth preparation, and there is a wish to be beautiful all the same, do not despair - there is a way simpler. Put a miracle - a grass in a gauze sack and suspend it on the crane with hot water so that water got on a sack. The effect will be tremendous.

Not to puzzle over what grass to take, use the checked recipes:

1/2 cups of flowers of a lavender, 1/2 cup of flowers and leaves of a camomile, as much oatmeal, as much rose-petals and powdered milk. The bathtub will wonderfully smell, and aroma will fill you with spring freshness.

If to you it is difficult for span to rise in the mornings, make a bathtub with rosemary: 2 cups of the fresh chopped rosemary need to be placed in a sack and to suspend to the crane. Instead of a grass it is possible to use rosemary oil.

Mint is effective at the beginning cold, its couples facilitate breath. Mint calms the angry skin and removes an itch.

the Wormwood improves blood circulation, tones up.

the Camomile and hop remove inflammations, increase resistance of skin to infections.

Vann with lime color will help at sleeplessness, will calm nerves.

the Sage and oak bark narrow pores, eliminate excessive perspiration.

the Yarrow very well softens the dry and cracked skin.

Bathtubs from bran (wheat, oats, corn or almonds) calm the inflamed skin, soften rough and eliminate an itch.

Before going to a bathroom, glance on kitchen. There the mass of useful things can be stored. For example, apple cider vinegar. One cup of vinegar added to warm water quickly will soften the angry and inflamed skin.

The bathtub with several drops of liquid ammonia will perfectly clean pores.

500 g of usual table salt will take off all fatigue which collected in a day.

The cup of powdered milk or liter of usual will help to soften the coarsened and not well-groomed skin.

It is very effective dairy - a honey bathtub . Its preparation will require 1 kg of fresh honey, 100 g of sea salt, 100 g of Epsom salt and 1 / 2 kg of powdered milk. Salt needs to be dissolved in a pan with warm water and to pour out in a bathtub. Mix powdered milk with hot water (about 3 liters) and dissolve in it honey. Fill in the received mix in a bathtub. After that climb. In 15 - 20 minutes skin will become silk and gentle, as at the baby.

Wishing to grow thin have to take regularly the bath prepared according to the following recipe: add to water 125 g of baking soda, 150 g of sea salt and a little lavender alcohol, mix everything. Lie down in a bathtub of 20 minutes, and then at once dive into a bed and be properly wrapped up with a warm blanket. The organism has to come out all excess liquid.

As is correct to take a bath?

Properly needs to be washed up to, but not after acceptance of a bathtub. And it is better to wash the means containing soap - it will remove turned sour - a fatty film from a skin surface.

After a bathtub do not rinse a body with clear water. Just it is better to be wrapped in a terry dressing gown or a big towel.

Should not take a bath right after food not to overload a stomach and heart.

needs to Take a bath within 10 - 20 minutes, not longer.

If you hurry, it is better to be limited to a shower as the best effect of a bathtub can be gained only at full relaxation.

Water temperature has to be ranging from 35 to 37 degrees.

I Hope that with these simple recipes of beauty you fall in love with this procedure and enjoy with all the heart. Good luck are also beautiful!