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Why people do not love the birthday?

Are category of people who do not like to celebrate the birthdays. They can quite participate in celebration of others birthday, but the holiday is perceived by them somehow “not so“. From where there is such relation? What is behind negative perception of the birthday?

Ancient people believed that arrival to this world is a holiday and that magicians come to birthday to the person. They make gifts: at the beginning of life - for the rest of life, at birthday - for a year. And each new year they come and watch how we disposed of their gifts that was used on advantage that - no. So it or not, for certain is unknown to us, but, most likely, in our deep memory there is a vague feeling of expectation something magic.

Also birthday symbolizes own birth, arrival to this world, revival, the termination of one cycle and the beginning of another. It turns out that it is very important day.

We will consider what can be behind negative attitude to the birthday.

1. Deep rejection of.

Symbolically negative attitude by day of the birth can mean the corresponding attitude towards itself, to the emergence in this world and to expectation of rejection of by the world, the closest people. This relation usually is not realized, but in own way influences many spheres of life. Such person lacked for love to himself and is similar to the small offended child who constantly hopes that sometime, at last, will fall in love with him and will accept.

As a rule, basic acceptance or rejection of it is put depending on those feelings which his parents had to the child. As far as it was desired? By what feelings pregnancy time was followed? How appearance of the child on light proceeded? It was a holiday or one big trouble? All these moments influence basic acceptance or rejection of.

2. Offense on relatives.

the Second possible reason of dislike for the birthday logically follows from the first. If the child, and then and at the adult has a strong offense on parents, in particular on mother, then it can also emotionally contact the moment of the birth. The birth gives mother and if there is on her a strong offense - the corresponding relation can pass also to perception of the birth. And further on a chain can influence the relation to the birthday, we understand a source of such relation or not.

3. Fear of changes.

As birthday symbolizes the termination of one cycle and the beginning new, and also revival, it will be logical to assume that the person who is not loving the birthday, perhaps will experience difficulties in updating of many aspects in the life. It is difficult to it to finish one and to begin another, he will constantly try to pull infinitely something old, it is difficult to it to make the decision, to change something in life, to make an important act. Holding old it is impossible to accept new, to change.

4. Emotional blocking.

Attribute of any holiday are bright and strong emotions and feelings. In our case the person owing to some reasons blocks manifestation of these emotions. Perhaps, in some situations strong emotions will break nevertheless, but not in that measure and not as it could be in more favorable conditions.

We considered the main reasons for negative perception of celebration of birthday. In this case understanding of your “reason“ will allow to change the relation to this event.