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Where pizza is we will be? At a festival!

War by war, and a lunch according to the schedule. So in the people speak. We live not for the sake of food, but we eat for the sake of life. There are, of course, unique persons in our world who eat solar energy. But add at the same time to energy of the sun honey, nuts and dried apricots. It is thought, on these products and without solar batteries it is possible to live long and happily.

However we are not robots and on solar energy we do not seek to live. What to hide - we like to eat everything. And to have fun too. And what holiday without plentifully laid table and guests! Ancient custom - not we thought up, not to us and to cancel. To understand what place is taken in human life by food, it is enough to look at the range of any shop, and also at a huge number of culinary recipes on the Internet. It is even better to consider how many leaves money the family budget for blessed food.

But it is not an occasion to cancel holidays and to cease to enjoy life. Problems were, is and will be. As they say - there will be a day and there will be a food.

So not only I consider, but also managers of festivals of Food which in the world now a set. I think, and to us not a sin to visit them: to try vkusnyatinka and to have fun. And what? Ahead the spring, summer and fall - is high time holidays. We go to travel on food festivals.

Perhaps, we still will find a holiday which began in March in New Zealand. Festival of wild food. Yes, be not surprised, it and is called. This unusual event in Hokitika, in the New Zealand city is held. Tourists from around the world are going to look at thrill-seekers here.

In what an extreme? Yes anything extraordinary. Just food here in full sense wild: which just ran, crept and flew. These are earthworms, cotton candy from a moss, insects, scorpions, Chile in chocolate and many other things. But tasty prepared by excellent cooks. Well, we buy a plane ticket?

We like to eat tasty? Then we reserve the ticket to London. At the end of June the capital of foggy Albion meets professionals of culinary art and all fans of tasty food. The festival is called “Taste of London“ and will take place in Redzhent - park.

Organizers say that they will turn park into a wonderland for gourmands. Four days the best cooks of the world will treat guests. The mass of entertainments waits for tourists - gourmets. There is an occasion in old age to grandsons of the fairy tale to tell: “... And I was there, honey drank beer“.

This year to fans to eat you will not envy - so many festivals of food. How to try everything? Moreover and a figure to preserve. Do not worry, and music and dances... Forgot? We go to a festival. What holiday without bayan, what dancing without Ivan?

Augustus not without reason call star month. It is so much stars in the sky, it is not less on the earth. In August stars from cookery will gather in the ancient German city of Bakharakh to carry out Kulinarische Sommernacht. Culinary night passes at the end of the month on coast of Rhine.

The best wines of Germany and the most tasty dishes wait for guests. The holiday will begin on Friday evening and three days will proceed. Exactly here do the best Riesling which will be offered guests. And well-known German sausages, relish! We meet on coast of Rhine.

I am a mushroom picker still that. Both I like to collect and to eat a young kartoshechka with mushrooms yes with an ukropchik. Teased? Our woods are good, and mushrooms on lovely sight. But maybe, to America we will jerk on the Festival of mushrooms? This festival takes place at the end of August in Telluride. Here those who are interested in mushrooms gather. The city is located in a reserved zone of the State of Colorado and became famous for the fact that mushrooms grow in large quantities and so quickly here that they are not managed to be collected. What mushrooms grow? They say that edible - chanterelles and boletuses. At the end of various actions there will take place parade of mushrooms. What hat we sew on a masquerade... All we will be fly agarics?

What surprising metamorphosis happened to a dish for poor people! You already understood that I about pizza which so much time already victoriously strides on the world. More and more in its ranks of fans of simple, but such tasty pastries. Here so, the simple Cinderella - flat cake became a princess on a dining table.

And how many at it now - not to count royal attires. Pizza fish, cheese pizza, with ham, from a krevetkma yes crabs. It is possible to list long all types of stuffings for pizza. But maybe, it is better to try? Yes not where - nibud in a solitude of the forgotten settlement, and in the homeland of pizza - in Naples. The Pizzafest festival invites guests in September. The holiday will last two weeks.

The first festival devoted to the most tasty flat cake appeared in 1995. And since then it is the most anticipated holiday in Italy. The best masters pizzayolo from all globe will carry out the master - classes, competing with each other for a rank of the most skillful. But the main thing - we will be able to taste the well-known pizza Margarita. Well who will refuse it... We - are not present!

Also do not forget, please: after all festivals we should eat solar energy if, of course, and the wallet also does not feed on it. To a meeting at a festival!