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Electronic or paper books it is better? (part 3 “If light was gone?“ )

Were necessary to deride two previous articles of supporters of paper books. But judging it should be made of current situation though can seem that you should not have discussed a denial of different nonsense which many consider harmless true. Once again I will note
that I do not argue on tastes. To someone, are pleasant to read texts from clay tablets perhaps more. In articles the expediency and questions connected with operation / reading is considered. Summarizing described in last two articles, I will put the end over “¸“ and any more to it I will not come back. If the person wants that it is better “to smell“, “look through“ certainly paper books in this plan. But if it is necessary to obtain information, and not cover, and a text essence is interesting, then (I hope, now many will be agree with me), - the digital version of the book is more preferable. Not to concordants - I advise to read my previous two articles and their discussion, and also articles of other authors on this subject. Then, eventually - will learn, to use these innovations. But not to think out ridiculous excuses.
Ya in turn in this article to be objective, I will consider already some features of operation of electronic devices of rather paper books. I will already try to stop on technical shortcomings, and a possibility of their leveling. But already from the point of view of the person familiar with this subject. But not from the point of view of the dark people who are not knowing what is the personal computer, but on everything 100 sure that it is a fashionable abbreviation from the evil.
As it is known the electronic equipment on which there are books has property to break. Besides breakages many are simply confident that if the electricity is gone, then to work with equipment any more not as it will not turn out. Naturally including and to read e-books. All this is right, but there are small reservations.
Besides these fears are based on opinion of people who badly understand IT. On it, they are supporters of habitual, but outdated paper books. While do not consider a possibility of transfer digital books on different carriers, and opportunities them repeatedly to duplicate, on a case of loss of information. For example: I can dump e-books on the laptop, phone, a player and at least put to work with them, and at desire to recharge the device from the universal accumulator and to work about a week. I consider it quite enough if of course it did not happen what, then state of emergency and electricity was gone for even more long time. Then any more not to books, in not dependence on that paper they or electronic. In addition already technologies of “electronic paper and ink“, uses of solar batteries for recharge and many other things are developed and take root. They did not gain still wide popularity, but already exist, allowing to increase autonomous operation of universal digital devices.
Concerning breakage of the computer - I have several copies of these books on another carriers. And in case of failure at the same time of all my devices with the written-down books - them I can find the most part in the Internet, or with ease to download from file storage. It is unlikely many paper books which can irrevocably can brag of such mobility and “survivability“ will deteriorate if, for example, on them that to pour that or to tear. Their analogs will be more difficult to be found.
“Really“ paper books sometimes nevertheless is more actual. For example: it seems to you prestigious to buy couple of hundreds of books and to fill with them shelves, instead of the cheapest electronic device which besides the mass of opportunities can contain thousands of books, be necessary less and occupy the compact sizes. Or you save the electric power and read only at a daylight. By the way if to read the usual book by the light of a lamp, energy will be spent more than when reading the e-book from the tablet, or the laptop. But it is difficult to compare since it already depends on a concrete lamp and the device. Other example of advantages if you went to have a rest for few months on the desert island and you have nothing to be engaged there and that that to read fear as there is a wish, then too to the place there will be a paper book. Or you have an allergy to plastic of which it is made, a device with e-books, and there is no allergy to paper. Then costs will address, the doctor, that is is not present … to pass in the old manner to paper books.
In the following articles for the end that, I will give the facts of advantages of e-books over paper. And I will also give couple of advice. Perhaps, they will be useful to much. Since. such banal action as reading books, is extremely important as not only still plays the predominating role in knowledge methodology, but also education, developments of the cultural and scientific sphere of all segments of the population. About a role of culture and science it is impossible to overestimate, especially presently. Alas, it is many forget. Also do not understand that such huge and unlimited volume of information which modern technologies can give are capable to increase considerably true richness of mankind - knowledge.