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How to translate? “Camel“ … “from - under a sofa“

of Languages in the world exists great variety. Linguists total from 5000 to 7000. World literary it is less, but too - several tens. In total their nobility it is physically impossible. The classic claimed: “I would learn Russian only for the fact that it Lenin talked“. Vladimir Vladimirovich, apparently, wanted to tell

Pushkin , but party membership of literature demanded Lenin though Ilyich enriched Russian only with one word difficult to pronounce an empiriokrititsizm . As at Francois Villon: “Forgive me guilty verses - that wrote, wrote!“

Is natural, there is a translation problem! What it is more important - literalness , sense or a harmony the text?

Camel or rope... Bibles: “… More convenient to a camel to pass through igolnyya ears, than rich to enter the Kingdom (Kingdom) of Bozhiye“ (the Mat. 19:24; Onions. 18:25). In this phrase it is not about a camel, and about a ship rope as in old Greek manuscripts instead of kamelos (“camel“) there was other word kamilos (“rope“), as led to distortion of initial sense. It will be more correct: “It is easier to stretch a rope through an eye of a needle...“ Though for transfer of sense that a camel that a rope - all the same. All the same rich to Heaven not to get!

Exchange, tequilas, fares... In the Synodal Translation of the book of the prophet Daniil during Valtasar`s feast on a wall the inscription appears: “And here that is traced: to exchange, exchange, tequilas, uparsin“ (Dan. 5:25) (on Aramaic - literally “a mine, a mine, shekel and half-mines“ (just weights). In Church Slavonic translation there is “Xie to eat the writing maintained: attract, feket, fares “. Not though attract to us now very much even close! However God with them, with church Slavs . Let`s return to the Synodal Translation.

“Here - and word meaning: exchange - God estimated your kingdom and put an end to it; tequilas - you are weighed on scales and found by very easy; Perez - divided your kingdom and is given to Medes and Persians“ (Dan. 5:26 - 28). One word to “exchange“ disappeared, and instead of uparsin appeared Perez ! Translators or pisarchuk confuse something.

And there is more to come. The most interesting that the book of the prophet Daniil is written to on Aramaic , the inscription is traced by on Aramaic . Why was not to translate a sloves at once? It is necessary only to assume what on a feast the tsar did not have competent and therefore it was necessary to call the wise man!

But as one my aggressively believing opponent noticed: “Nikolay Evgenyevich, for rescue of soul is enough one translation - Synod“. Generally, with ancient texts - the twilight. Especially as their originals, as a rule, did not remain. What is interpreted there by fathers of church a flood, Adam`s navel and creation of the world, not really clear.

And how the situation with modern texts is ?

From Russian into Ukrainian . Bulat Okudzhava has an awfully nice verse “A song about night Moscow“.

1. When suddenly there is still not clear voice of pipes,
of the Word as hawks night, break from hot lips.
the Melody as a rain unexpected, rattles and wanders between people -
of Hope a small little band under control of love

2. Cola Raptovo to a vynikaa still not clear voice of pipes,
of the Word, a yak hawks nichny, zryvatsya from hot lips.
the Melody, m a rain of nezhdaniye, rattles, the shelter -
the Small little band to the spodivena shcho to a dygygua ny love bendezhit a lyudska
. (The text on hearing)

It is terrible, and these are extremely close languages.

Back from Ukrainian into Russian . Alexander Avagyan, the Armenian, the poet with whom the author got acquainted at the bottom of the chemist at the Kiev university in 1970 - m to year studied on the Spanish office of a filfak of KGU, created songs in the West Ukrainian mova. In “A thought about Bozhenk“ in Ukrainian modulations of a Dnieper wave sound and seem:

1. Gay! On visok_y kruch_ take a nap to stand pokhil_.
of Kraplyut garyach_ slyoz at Dn_pr siv_ hvil_.
Gay! On the chervena the sun of a hmara is found chorn ³,
the Gay! On a chervony prapor a v_ter posipav pop_l.

2. Gay! Stand on a high steep slope of a pine dejectedly.
of Kaplyut hot tears in gray-haired waves of Dnieper.
Gay! On the red sun of a cloud find black,
the Gay! On a red banner wind strewed ashes.

First wants to be sung - the second is not present. I as the professional performer tell it to you - I sing the first song 40 years, and still tears flow.

Take “Translate me through the Maidan“. The subject was schematically set by Velemir Khlebnikov:

Today again I will go
There, to life, to the bargaining, on the
I market army of songs I will lead
With a surf of the market in a duel!

Very indifferently it was developed in Ukrainian by V. A. Korotich, and then brilliantly translated into Russian Ue. Moritz. Moreover and perfectly S. Nikitin sounded.

With Old English . Well, as without “Hamlet“! I will not quote - knowing remember. There is Lozinsky`s translation, and is Pasternak. And so the second touches deeply - it in Kozintsev`s movie, and the first - continuous indifference.

With Old French . There are seven interpretations of Viyonovskaya of “The ballad about ladies of former times“ - F. Mendelssohn, I. Ehrenburg, V. Bryusov, S. Pinus, V. Zhabotisky, Yu. Korneev and N. Gumilev who is the closest to me:

About Prinze, with the running century quarrel -
Is vain, the person is pathetic;
I let to you does not blear the eyes:
“But where last year`s snow!“

it is A lot of variations and at the translations of quatrains of Omar Jayam. G. Plisetsky`s translations are the closest to me.

Everything that is seen by us, - visibility only one.
Is far from a world surface to the bottom. Believe
insignificant obvious in the world,
Because the secret essence of things - is not visible

The answer is submitted to me such. In scientific texts literalness is important, of course, . In art prosaic - sense . In poetic - a harmony .

P. S. Special conversation on the translation from Russian of languages physical, chemical, biological etc. into Russian - clear to the inhabitant. It is art promoting of science.