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Massage catlike. Why murlyk do it?

Many years in our family there lived a cat Mr. Miao, or simply Mimya. It was large black a tomcat with a white shirtfront and white pads. The most surprising habit of Mimechki was that if he saw someone from family members in a horizontal position, then he rushed to a sofa, jumped on lying and began the cat`s massage. At first carefully touched

pads and loudly purred, in 2 - 3 minutes let out claws and massage became dangerous. At the same time the cat utykatsya by a nose in clothes and sucked its tip. Seldom which of my house maintained such intensive musical therapy with mutilation more than five minutes … was surprisingly musical

of Mimya. Depending on mood he could sing gently tenderly to himself under a nose “a rvyayaa, a rrvyauua“. If he wanted to receive something immediately, here and now, that our apartment was disclosed loud “by m - I - I - at - at“, and it extended the last sound long and with an anguish, knowing that it breaks through owners in the second minute of its concert. As for massage, it was necessary politely to ask Mimyu to leave the chosen part of a body of the victim. Mr. Miao very much watched closely all inhabitants of the dwelling in hope to see somebody on a sofa or on a bed. Observant pussycats accustomed all to be vigilant and not to relax in the presence of a cat - the massage therapist … Why some cats like to touch

paws on some soft subject? From outside this exercise of an animal looks as warm-up of pads or “the cat kneads dough“. For the warm-ups koshasty choose pillows, blankets, soft toys, other kitten, well or knees of own owner - the favourite place for such exercises. It is necessary to notice that not all cats have such feature. For example, at my friends - big fans of cats - in the house there live three murlyka, and only one of them actively is engaged in massage practice.

There are various theories explaining such unusual behavior of animals. Some consider that kittens in infancy mass a tummy of the mother and by that stimulate production of milk. Those from them who too was early taken away from a maternal breast keep a habit to knead legs soft objects.

One more assumption of rather massage behavior of cats explains it so. Long ago, when cats were absolutely wild before being bedded down, they chose the secluded place for a dream, for example, a high grass or fallen leaves. To make a bed soft and cozy, they trampled down it until, in their opinion, it did not become rather soft and convenient for them and their kittens.

There is also a physiological explanation why cats “knead pads“. At kosharik on pads sweat glands are located. When they are engaged in massage, leave on a subject or the person specific aroma of these pieces of iron. Such marked territory has to warn tribespeople that the place is taken, steer clear. When the cat settles on a lap or other parts of a body of the owner, she it shows the full confidence to it and reports that to it it is good and comfortable in the chosen place, and you - her personal property. Value such trust of your pet!

Many owners of cats and cats are sure that with them there lives nearby a doctor having a tail who feels when the owner needs his help. Treatment by means of cats is called a felinoterapiya. The cat comes to the rescue to bolezny: will warm to it the place where hurts, will massage pads a problem zone, promurlykat the simple song on an ear. Through some time it becomes easier for the person and he forgets about the illnesses.

You want to have houses of the friend who will always understand you and even to treat, get to yourself a kosharik. Minutes of communication with it will become for you unforgettable.