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What we are loved by our dogs for?

the Hackneyed phrase “A dog - the friend of the person“ actually bears in himself huge sense. Four-footed creation which lives with you the truth loves you most on light, will protect and will help according to the lights, will never betray and will not forget.

Many who have no dogs, say that not so that there is no sincere dog love, it is only a payment for care, a forage and walks. Or perhaps so it also is? Really they love us only for some benefits?

First of all we will deal, so to speak, with the primary source of love and affection for the owner of a dog, that is we will look for the reason at the natural, instinctive level. As experts, any dog including house, loves speak and protects the pack. Well, with street which get off in groups everything is clear. And where the domestic dog who lives, for example, houses one with people and more dogs in this house has no pack?

Here is how time the human family is also that pack! And in this “pack“ the animal on the discretion chooses the leader and divides it with all others. And not always it will be the strongest and the commanding respect or fear of people, and not necessarily the man! Yes, most often dogs choose the man in leaders, but it occurs in case he most of all cares for the pet, walks and plays with it more than others.

And how then my doggie which sees my spouse very seldom he walked with it only two times? He only on it swears when she lays down on a pillow, I or the father-in-law am resolved. He extremely seldom treats her with something, she even asks nothing from him when he sits at a table because he knows - there is no chance that will treat therefore to beg uselessly. He in general seldom stays at home! However she with huge enthusiasm runs to awake him in the morning, licks to it a face and ears, tries to climb to it under a blanket. And she obeys him, just implicitly most … Means, it turns out, she chose it for some personal reasons?

One more proof is provided that the dog love, allegedly, is not conscious and the animal loves by default the one who her first owner. Absolutely truly: the one who brought a small fluffy lump to the house will be the most favourite and expensive in life of a dog. And there are cases when on some circumstances the dog gets to other owners and loves them not less. Seldom and, but happens!

A striking example - a sheep-dog of my acquaintance, Rex. The owner, the husband of my acquaintance looked after and walked with Rex always, but he unexpectedly died … The elderly woman remained one with a dog, she sincerely loved it and continued to care, but it was difficult for it to walk every day as Rex got used, plus it left for work for all day, and he, according to her, missed terribly and traveled from a sofa on a chair … Unexpectedly there arrived the niece who was crazy about Rex long ago, and asked to give a dog to her.

Rex`s mistress told me then: “I very much want that to it it was good, with me it is boring for it, I cannot with it so much walk as the husband once. I thought - can, the truth will be better for it there, a big family, they have the house with the yard … But it was so offensive, simple to tears when he joyfully got into the car and left, did not even look back to me and

Perhaps, this case - an exception did not wag a tail …“, but the dog actually fell in love with other person, and now, according to stories of the new hostess, Rex is cheerful and happy in a new family.

Dogs love us for that love which we give them - still you will tell and you will be right. If to offend a dog, constantly not to pay her attention, she will hardly be delighted with it. But here read about an unusual case recently …

On the carriageway the man of a seedy look lay in a condition of a terrible hangover, but to approach it and at least it was impossible to move to the roadside - protected it and on all his dog rushed! Neighbors of this poor fellow told subsequently that he especially did not look after her, specially did not feed (ate up sometimes what after him remained, or climbed on a garbage can), and especially did not walk with her and did not play - there was no time in hard drinkings! However the dog a breast rose in defense of the unreasonable owner and allowed to suit nobody. Unfortunately, history ended sadly for a dog: the called employees of police did not begin to stand on ceremony with a devoted dog …

Here one more argument in favor of “mercenary“ love of four-footed pets to owners. A dog, allegedly, love us for food and leaving that is if she tasty eats, lives in good conditions, here we are loved by her for it and therefore she is so devoted to us. And as counterargument besides a real case …

our neighbor has two hunting dogs, it keeps them in the yard on the blocked site. No doubt, he very much loves them, but, for example, feeds them not always well - most often with a cheap forage alternately with old bread, or even sometimes leftovers from cafe. Dogs constantly on the street, in any cold and wind. With them goes shooting, but it is extremely rare. And here in one day of dogs suddenly stole … Then, when found out who stole, turned out that this person asked to sell doggies to him long ago, very much they were pleasant to him. The owner refused, and then this person of simply animal stole. As he only tried to win their love! Fed them with the best forage, indulged in every possible way, carried out with them day and night, went with them to hunting which they adored! But dogs in several days … returned on foot to the old owner! They came to Tbilisi, having overcome 50 kilometers, found the house near which lived! Means, they loved it not for a forage and care, so it turns out?

Of course if we love our pets, they feel it and try to thank reciprocal love. And all - I am firmly convinced: they love us first of all disinterestedly, not to receive benefit or to deceive us. If the dog fell in love with someone - she will be devoted to it the dog life until the last minute! People, likely, so can love very seldom, it is too much in us egoism …