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sofa Upholstered furniture therefore and is called that it is really soft. Sofas, chairs, angular sofas belong to upholstered furniture. Producers please us with the big product range. These are magnificent sofas with original design and comfortable chairs, cozy corners and various padded stools.
To the choice, upholstered furniture, it is necessary to approach with all gravity, the upholstered furniture is bought not often and has to please us, the look many years. Before choosing a sofa, it is necessary to be defined about its functional purpose. The upholstered furniture can be multipurpose. It can be a sofa - a transformer which will serve as both a chair and a sofa and a dresser for linen.
First that is evident, at the choice of upholstered furniture, is its appearance, or an upholstery. The upholstery, upholstered furniture, has to correspond to the general design of the room, in other words she has to fit into a room interior. Fabric, for an upholstery, has to be qualitative and wearproof. Fabric, upholsteries, has to possess high electrostatic qualities. Another, a question which arises, looking at upholstered furniture - “What there inside?“. The most reliable, interiors, any sofa, springs are considered. Springs, in a sofa, are placed in a metal framework and perelazhivatsya by laying from natural materials. As material, for laying, serve felt, batting or coconut fiber.
the Metal design, a sofa, depends on how it is used. Except metal details, the sofa has to have qualitative wooden details. The tree, for such details has to have no more than 20% of humidity and to be made of strong breeds, such as a beech, an oak, a hornbeam. It is, also, necessary to pay attention to a paint and varnish covering which covered wooden elements of furniture. The paint and varnish covering has to be harmless and, at the same time qualitative. At the choice of a sofa which has a lot of functionality it is necessary to pay attention to its accessories. All elements which help a sofa to be displayed or move forward have to be qualitatively adjusted. In modern samples very difficult and, naturally, not cheap mechanisms are used. Pay attention to firm of the producer, these mechanisms. If it is the solid producer with a name, then it is possible to get the pleasant model safely.
enjoys wide popularity angular upholstered furniture. This demand is caused by ability, angular sofas, to save space of the room in which they are established. The angular upholstered furniture is made of several separate parts, with soft padded stools and with various additional elements. It is impossible to describe all versions and forms, the given production. The main material, for production of angular sofas a tree, but also metal designs meet.
For an upholstery of upholstered furniture are used natural and synthetic fabrics. The upholstery from genuine leather, but it, naturally the most expensive is very popular. From artificial fabrics, most often, use velor, Jacquard. At an upholstery, upholstered furniture, often use several different fabrics that gives bigger esthetic effect.
At acquisition, a sofa, for a dream, it is necessary to consider that the folding bed mechanism is the weakest and at long use can become useless. For, is more whole than these, it is the best of all to buy a sofa with the vykatny mechanism. Such option of transformation is considered the most convenient. The special attention should be paid to stuffing materials. Producers use solid firms, dl of this purpose, exclusively natural materials. If, for stuffing, upholstered furniture, synthetic materials were used, then on them the special certificate is obliged to be provided. This certificate has to confirm safety, this material.