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In what there can be a harm from use of abusive words?

Abusive words entered our culture long ago and are used almost in all sectors of society in a varying degree. Many speak about negative influence of a mat on the general level of culture or attribute it negative influence on an equal basis with sorcery. What influence has a mat in communication?

A mat origin

Abusive words have very ancient origin. Their roots can be tracked up to pagan times when these and similar words were part of marriage rituals and were used for ceremonies on increase in fertility. Thus, earlier these words contacted deep patrimonial essence of the person, and began to be used much later to offend other person or to decorate the narration.

However, communication with deep force nevertheless remained. And, knowing about it or not, every time pronouncing abusive words, the person, anyway, adjoins to this force. As confirmation to it serves one curious experiment made by the British scientists. They suggested people to feel a strong sensation of pain from immersion of a hand in ice water and to suffer while it is transferred. In one series of experiments to participants allowed to cry out abusive, in another - neutral words. And as a result it turned out that the examinees affording a mat could suffer from pain longer.

About what it speaks? That during bawling out of abusive words, the person addresses the patrimonial force and can use in some way it. On the other hand, this force represents a strategic stock which can be used in case of emergency as it and was done by our ancestors. If to use this resource constantly, then it will be exhausted and all this can end is very deplorable, as well as at other ways of exhaustion of vital force - the person will become less hardy and in a real critical situation he will have no place to take forces. By the way, in villages there is such popular belief that inveterate foul-mouths long do not live.

Research of influence of abusive words by scientific methods

Is also evidence-based ways to visually show influence of a mat. The Japanese researcher rendered to Masur Emoto on usual water any information influence, then froze water and photographed those crystals which turned out as a result of this procedure. Also it turned out that positive influence, positive information, melodious music and even just good words turned to water, form very beautiful and harmonious crystals. And negative influence, destructive music, curses and radiation of household appliances destroys these crystals and as a result ugly pictures turn out. The same regularity came to light also when pronouncing abusive words. Experiments of the scientist are confirmed by a series of photos.

In the first drawing the water crystal which was formed if “to tell“ water the word “thanks“ is presented. The result of influence of curses and foul language is given in the second drawing. In the second drawing the structure of water obtained an ugly configuration.

As all of us consist of water, it is only possible to present what structure is acquired by water in our organism if to influence it abusive words.

We will sum up the results. So, there are several facts proving negative influence of abusive words, and to swear or not, everyone let solves.