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How from porridge to prepare a dessert and a garnish?

of Kashi are pleasant not to all. To people since the childhood discourage to this, in general, tasty, simple and rich dish: the dissatisfied hnykanye of kindergartners is echoed by sour physiognomies of school students; silent materka of soldiers have something in common with hopeless grumble with all of the reconciled fathers of family who are eating up an unappetizing soup for the capricious kids.

the Little the situation with ready porridges in bags is better - they are already spoiled to us and will become worse not.

However it should be noted that lusciously sweet sticky swill or komkovaty weight in a plate is at all not about what the speech will go further. The author of these lines undertakes to prove what is correct, creatively and from imaginations the made porridge can uplift this modest dish on unknown gastronomic height.

The most popular porridges at us - buckwheat, oat and rice. The semolina was strongly enshrined in the children`s menu, yachnevy and pearl-barley porridges - in soldier`s eateries. Porridge from corn grits is more often - and, above all, better, - representatives of national diasporas, for example, of Moldova prepare. And “pshenichka“ is offered for breakfast in “bolnichka“ … Buckwheat I do not love

since the childhood - hysterics of fellow citizens concerning it the catastrophic rise in price which is periodically arising at us in the country and rumors about an iznichtozheniye of buckwheat fields are not clear to me. I do not know how in America, but in Europe buckwheat is eaten, generally people with serious problems of health, well and our emigrants are especially personal observation. Let`s tell, in Sweden buckwheat is on sale in drugstores and in markets, in special departments, as our products for patients with diabetes. Therefore today about buckwheat cereal - as it would be useful - words.

Another matter - porridge. “Porridge is one of the best sources of cellulose and complex carbohydrates, its chemical composition includes all the components, major for the person: potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, chrome, iron, manganese, iodine, fluorine, zinc, cobalt, vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B6, K. A large number in porridge of proteins and celluloses improves all exchange processes, promotes growth and development of muscular tissue“, - the Internet told it.

But we love it not for a set micro - and macrocells, and for the surprising, caressing receptors taste, for unique aroma and gentle, calming all “flora“ a consistence.

The porridge made on water - joy of diyetchitsa - continuous boredom. On milk - is already more cheerful. But is, there is a recipe allowing to create from usual “oat-flakes“ really magic dish capable to please not only kids by which morning porridge is put according to the status but also the beloved spouse, and even his unfriendly mummy - everyone in life happens, happens, and the mother-in-law “for breakfast“.

So - porridge with bananas and raisin . Think up the name. It is possible to call simply, as in the famous movie - “Maestro“ or “Inspiration“. Or “A morning whim“. Or “Dreams of Eos“.

And only it is necessary - 1 glass of “Oat-flakes“ of any grinding, it is better not than the smallest, 3 glasses of milk - are better in half with water, 3 tablespoons of raisin - are better large and light, banana - is better very ripe, salt and sugar to taste - at all simplicity of a set of products, the result turns out amazing.

We cook porridge as it is specified on packing. If it is not specified, then you can use my way: in the boiling water (that is in a half of volume of liquid) slowly, actively stirring slowly, to pour all porridge, to bring to boiling, to boil thoroughly large flakes several minutes, small and so will manage and to pour in milk, that is the second half of liquid. Stirring slowly, again to bring to boiling and to cook to desirable degree of readiness - I love when impressive porridge, that is some hardness of flakes nevertheless is felt. Salt and sugar in the course of cooking are added to taste.

While porridge cooks - we do not forget to stir slowly regularly! - we fill in raisin with boiled water and we clean banana. Ripe banana can be mashed a fork, it is possible to cut on small pieces and if not laziness and “specifications“ allow, then and to “vzblendernut“.

We remove ready porridge from fire, we fill up the raisin prepared, that is wrung out from water, we add banana puree (or that there turned out) and it is carefully mixed. Everything, the most tasty breakfast is ready. Banana gives to habitual porridge exotic aroma of distant tropics, is silky - a cream consistence and surprising creamy taste, and raisin - unexpected sourness and a subtle caramel shade.

If a breakfast “ceremonial“, then plates with such porridge it is possible and to decorate: the mint branch, several drops of bright syrup and a pinch, say, of pine nuts - somehow so will be pertinent. Or otherwise.

There are charming recipes of porridge with addition of orange juice and a dried peel, with apples and cinnamon, with berries, honey, chocolate, pumpkin and even beet. By the way, porridge can quite act also as garnish . The recipe is not troublesome, but result impressive.

In a pan we fry small cut onions - slightly, to degree of “zastekleniye“ as culinary specialists speak, that is to some transparency. It is better to fry on mix of vegetable and creamy oils. While onions “become glassy“, we grate cheese on a small grater - any if only was natural will approach, but not a “cheese product“, - approximately a half-glass.

Then there, in a pan with onions, we pour in 2 glasses of hot water and we allow to begin to boil. We pour a glass of “oat-flakes“ into boiling “broth“, intensively we stir slowly and we bring to readiness. Salt, favourite seasonings - I respect hop - sunel and the Italian grasses, - all this to taste in the course of cooking.

We add cheese to the hot, just removed from fire porridge and again it is well mixed. We allow to be drawn several minutes before full dissolution of cheese - and here a gentle, spicy garnish is already ready. It is good both with fish, and with a bird, and in itself.