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What is a hydromechanopeeling and why it is necessary?

sometimes just nonplus the Latest procedures in beauty shops one names. I think, it is quite good to get acquainted closer with interesting and useful procedures, then, going to the center of beauty, you will be prepared and will know how it is carried out and that the chosen procedure will give you.

of Gidromekhanopiling - not so difficult and in literal sense ingenious cosmetology procedure because it means polishing of an integument, saturates with medical solution with different active components the processed area of skin. The composition of solution joins ingredients which, first of all, directly depend on an objective of performance of procedure and also on a condition of skin.

It is important to note that after the first session you will be able to see results. Procedure is absolutely comfortable, not demanding anesthesia, and it is carried out without any injections. What gives us a hydromechanopeeling?

In - the first, face peel the device for microdermabrasion carries out micropolishing of skin at the level of necessary depth and, with simultaneous introduction of medicinal components to level terms, allows to clear deeply skin and to treat in parallel its various states at the minimum expense of time.

Effects of a hydromechanopeeling:

- visible smoothing of wrinkles;
- integrated serial approach for treatment of an acne, and also identification and elimination of the reasons of their emergence;
- a hardware peeling;
- removal of extensions;
- exfoliation - removal of dead cages from the top layer of skin and saturation with deep penetration into skin of active components in the form of serums, concentrates and various solutions with medicines by means of mechanical polishing;
- preparation of skin for treatment of hyperpegmentations, laser or photoprocedures.

The medical solutions used for a hydromechanopeeling:

the Concentrate with three active agents: L - a carnitine (5%), caffeine (1%), coenzyme A which in combination with L - a carnitine splits fat fibers of skin.

the Rejuvenating concentrate which is based on hyaluronic acid. Its basis includes Retinolum and Vitamin C which stimulate development of fibroblast of skin, of collagen and increase saturation of skin oxygen.

the Concentrate on the basis of tseramid of group 1, 3 and 6, a laktilat of sodium for sensitive skin with the smoothing effect and cholesterol. Relieves of wrinkles, increases elasticity of skin, keeps and holds a necessary amount of water in skin.

the Clarifying or bleaching concentrate. It ideally is suitable for fight with hyper - keratoza, irritations at the local level, treatment by an acne and various bacterial activators. Phyto - a concentrate with the content of oil of a tea tree, oil of a camomile, carrot juice, an aloe belief and green tea is for this purpose used.

As undergo procedures of a hydromechanopeeling

by means of a special abrasive nozzle with the vacuum power regulator the processed skin site evenly is ground, and together with it there is an introduction of medical concentrates. All pollution, comedones and the become lifeless scales of skin get to a peculiar tank which allows to be convinced of result of the done procedure, and the skin surface ideally is leveled and becomes smooth, well-groomed and pure. Exactly thanks to removal of a horn layer from a skin surface medicinal serums and concentrates freely get inside, up to level terms where their task - the medical, toning influence and saturation of cages antioxidants.

The equipment for face peel with use of devices with diamond abrasive systems for microdermabrasion or devices with use of sand which are a polishing basis have no similarity with the device for a hydromechanopeeling. It suits even to those who cannot apply procedure of a chemical peeling or diamond microdermabrasion.

Here such a miracle - procedure a hydromechanopeeling. I hope that you will use this information for your beauty and health.

Be beautiful!