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Whether happiness by inheritance is possible?

Are such remarkable joke how God looks at the person from above and listens that that answers a question: “How are you doing?“ If the person tells “Everything badly“, then God argues so: “You call it “badly“? Well, then look that it is actually bad“. If the person answers “Perfectly“, then God speaks: “It is excellent? Now I will show you that means “perfectly“!“

Once when we had a rest in Karelia, my mother told, looking at a sad rainy landscape after a window: “Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side …“ And here in me everything was indignant such injustice. And I solved: it will be from this point good where I am! Happiness as sunshine, will find me everywhere, and I will be just a magnet for happiness!

That summer was rainy surprisingly, but from that memorable day we with children found so much happiness in these pools, a green grass, the Karelian lakes and a warm oven that just fell in love with Oppola (the farm in Karelia). And when went to St. Petersburg, remembering our new mantra “It is good where I am“, we remembered that St. Petersburg - the most beautiful city in the world, and again everything was “solar“.

Since then and it was moved. Only it will want to be depressed concerning prolonged winter or slush in park - dzin! - it is excellent! This best place and time for me! Polianna`s recipe works (the truth, the novel - the best-seller of the American writer Eleanor I read Polianna Malt liquor two years later after “inspiration“).

And through some time I understood: when it is happy what is when you understand that that situation in which you are - not “for what?“, and “what for? “, and it is obligatory in order that I was happy, there, above, appreciate such relation to its gifts and give even more and better. You to whom would present a gift - to the one who on previous would pomorshchit a nose and told “could be better“, or to the one who shining from delight exhaled: “As cool! Better also cannot be!“?

Except the appeared internal state “to me it is good here“ which is usually called optimism, also objectively positive things began to occur. Up to that when we with a family go to a trip, we are surprisingly lucky with weather. More than once heard: “As you were lucky, all summer there were rains, and in your arrival such excellent weather was given“. Business reached what children began to tell me: “Mothers, want that was so!“, well and my dear introduction there was an expression “Me God loves“.

And when once the daughter sadly told me that supposedly I am so lucky, I, without thinking twice, answered it that I am lucky by inheritance (and it is valid, their grandmother - my mother - the “incorrigible“ optimist) and that this luck will pass with it (and devolved). The main thing to remember that everything that it becomes - to the best, and to try to see in everything mainly pluses - as there are both pluses, and minuses everywhere. And what to pay attention to, only ourselves choose.

Telling all this, I not strongly reflected, but then understood that I just enclosed daughters in the head algorithm of optimism. And it is valid - all in us though strenuously try to impose us thought that happiness needs to be got from the outside - money, glory, education, fashionable clothes … But, as they say, saw many rich and saw not enough happy.

Any life it is possible to describe from outside in black or white paint. I remember, once to me the letter from my schoolmate whom we did not see many years came, and in the letter she told about the life - a pier, I live as everything, work boring to fill up is with whom, to wake up there is nobody … Literally every other day I communicated with other girlfriend who told me about life in brief too (on a question “how are you doing?“): well, work not on a profile, but I do not suffer, I am disconnected for eight hours and I think of something pleasant, in private life - as speak, to fill up is with whom... And thank God! I was struck by coincidence of two stories, just bukvenno, but as approach differed! What is interesting, God of both of my friends heard - and at the last, the optimist, an excellent family, the loving husband and the remarkable son. It was died so that it does not work now and nobody (including her) suffers from it more likely on the contrary. The schoolmate still did not marry and considers that the destiny once again punished her.

And so what am I telling? Many parents dream that their child was happy, make for it incredible efforts, vanish for days at work that “he had everything“, without noticing that the child has no main thing - that and - the loving parent a row which does not buy minute of happiness, and just the example shows how it is necessary to be happy. It is already repeatedly proved by all teachers that children study, imitating - that is they absorb not that speak to them, and what they see every day in the family.

Probably, it is difficult to be happy … But it is possible to try at least from - for the children. Unfortunate on light and without them will be enough.