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As I left off smoking!

All this

are not important that is told on the TV! Kurish you do not smoke (it is your conscious choice)! Can you the car will bring down tomorrow, or you will fall from the 10th floor! As the destiny solved and will be, here I will not help you!)
And so about what I, and here tell:
Ya still when in the 9th class smoked, all the same ran better than all my &ndash school; cross-country!! But over time it became worse, the strong otdyshka, appetite loss, etc. began. To it as that is not conscious privikayesh!
BUT as that in one day at me in 20 years of my life for the first time ached heart, I did not attach it seryezny significance, I already do not even remember what I wrote off it for, but later, it again once again 5 ached a bit on a protizheniye, half of year of times a month approximately! Then I already referred to cigarettes! Reshyl to throw! I did not try
As current, replaced with a chewing gum, tried to muffle food, to reduce quantity of cigarettes in day that resulted in a bigger dependence (after did not smoke 3 - 4 hours could smoke 2 pieces for time)! Then decided to try not to smoke for the night for an hour to a dream and in the morning when rose did not smoke where that 4 hours but then just was not what to do, went smoked)))! HERE then I understood what should be thrown sharply and since night for the morning! In 2 days I finally decided to throw! For an hour and a half to a dream I did not smoke - fell asleep, for the morning I turn out did not smoke 10 hours any more as I slept - it was heavy but I kept) for the second day I ran cross-country what as that to distract lungs for 3 - 4 day I ate on a pack of sunflower seeds thus replaced the privichka!
I here I am a smoker with the 8th summer experience, threw, I DO NOT SMOKE more than a month!
At once that this sense of smell became noticeable, just a tin, me as though strengthened a susceptibility of smells by 5 times, dykhatenlny ways come a vporyadok too, there was on percent 80 in day less water to drink, appetite poivitsya norms, it is easier to fill up, physical data amplified and, above all heart troubles were gone! On myself I will add
! Even when you will drink a beer small bottle on a sigarette does not pull as many speak sometimes! I am engaged in
in easy physical activities Now, I feel a gain of forces as told one from my acquaintances)) And still, do not smoke and good luck!