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Than foundation from Shiseido “Radiant Lifting Foundation“ is good?

In the market of cosmetics today an incalculable set of production which nonpluses us at the choice of the necessary product both for personal care, and for a make-up. I want to acquaint you with some novelties with which I use and am satisfied.

Foundation - the make-up basis which plays one of leading roles because he hides all shortcomings of our skin gives equal color to the face, masks wrinkles and does color healthy and shining. A problem only in the choice, so there is no wish to be mistaken, especially, if you spread the pretty sum.

Not so long ago Shiseido let out new foundation - of “Radiant Lifting Foundation“ . Has to admit to you, I tried different firms, but my choice fell on this brand two years ago. Incidentally in shop I was given a sampler which I immediately decided to try on myself, and the result surpassed all expectations. Probably, it really turned out that it is necessary to me because for all vain day I never was even powdered. Opaque equal color remained till latest evening with effect as if I only put it. I without doubts bought this product and I hurry to share with you some of its characteristics.

Has to warn at once that this foundation is intended for normal, dry and very dry skin of face skin. I have a mixed skin type, and I learned that cream does not suit me, only when bought it. At first decided to change, but then changed the mind because the sampler showed me excellent result and on the example I can tell, as this cream is suitable for the mixed face skin too.

This creamy voice-frequency means of dense structure gives to the person healthy shine, visually doing skin young and tightened because its function includes restoration of an optimum level of moistening, and still it has an easy and pleasant texture. This product does not leave feeling of stickiness and is steady for day.

The following important characteristic of this means - it excellently masks small wrinkles, does not gather in folds through some time, and also ideally hides dimness and enlarged pores, and skin looks young and shining. It thanks to the fact that foundation contains reflecting powder (Radiant Reflecting Powder) - the exclusive Shiseido component.

One more important factor which should be allocated - moistening. It is one of advantages of this foundation because, possessing the magnificent moistening property, it normalizes and restores the level of humidity of skin for all day. At regular use it provides the strengthening and tightening effect, and also reduces visual visibility of wrinkles.

We will note the content of hydroxyproline which is the stimulator producing collagen; and also extract of a pink apple-tree which is incomparable antioxidant for skin and does not allow damage of fibroblast it can be caused, for example, by influence of UF - beams.

One more important property of this foundation - it does not clog up pores.

Well and its last advantage - it contains a sun-protection factor of SPF.

This cream after daily care of skin is applied. Personally I do not even impose any basis under it because its texture so ideally lays down on face skin that levels literally all shortcomings. Usual day face cream, and then accurately sponzhiky from the center for massage lines to the periphery.

Be beautiful!