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When to begin preparation for school?

“How to prepare the child for school“? - quite often I thought, watching game of children. They are mobile, restless and do not like to submit to strict requirements at all.

Such - all modern children. And school in the last decades at all not that that was earlier. But I can tell with confidence that the question “How It Is Good to Study at School?“ was actual at all times.

School - not rest house. And how we will prepare for it the kids, not only further study, but also all their life depends.

So we need to make, the adult that the doctrine from the first days did not turn into torture? What needs to be made in order that children wanted to go to school and wanted to study?

Once I asked a question to the son:
- You want to go to school?
It in the affirmative nodded.
- And what you will do there? - asked, having noticed that the child reflected.
- the Matter of course to play with the senior children, - he answered quickly.

After this conversation it became clear that my boy in the psychological plan is not ready to school. Several days later I returned to this subject and asked:
- whether you Want to learn a lot of new? To learn to read and write quickly? To become the clever and educated person?
- wants A little. But there is a wish to fly by plane more.

It was the catch by the beginning of the first serious conversation, and I used it.
- And you know that to become the pilot, is necessary much and it is good to study at school?
- And all? - he asked. - After school I will be able to become a pilot at once?

- Well that you? At school you will gain only the first knowledge, but they will bring you into other school - the highest, and there you will already teach to steer plane. Only for this purpose it is necessary to study at first the plane device, to learn to read maps and to study many other objects.
- And why other objects? - the son did not understand. - I need only the plane.

It was necessary to explain that the pilot not just sits at a steering wheel that he still is responsible for the life and for life of other people. It is possible to entrust this serious business only to the good expert.

I saw that the son reflected. We several times came back to conversation on school, and somehow I suggested to play it. Children diligently seated on a toy rug. There was a wish that everything passed in a game form. Having reflected, took a big doll in hand and asked how we will call it?
- Malvina, - the daughter prompted. - We play time in school, let it will be a teacher. I remember how she learned to write Buratino.

I did not even expect such hint from the child. But quickly grasped it and by means of a doll told children, that at school there are rules, and they need to be carried out. It is without what and to you it is not necessary to go to school. So we began game in occupations. We learned to sit correctly at a school desk, to answer accurately at a lesson and even to ask for a toilet (it is the complex, known for children). And then together thought out games for a break.

Every day I with children was engaged in something new. We drew, molded, made and thought out words by cards, solved problems with apples and other fruit and vegetables. Made figures of the designer. Read small rasskazik and discussed instructive plots from the book “The Bible for Kids“. However, during this period I was the unemployed therefore there was enough time for games with children. But on the other hand, no nurse was capable to give to my children what I gave them. It was the reserve for the future.

And children quickly got used and every day looked forward the next game in school where there was everything, as in real. We conducted lessons, arranged breaks, and the school call - a hand bell especially was pleasant to kids. They rang it in turn, reporting about the termination of a lesson.

A little later I decided to give them simple homeworks. For example, to draw a lodge from small squares and triangles. From sticks - a fence, and from circles - the sun and vegetables on a kitchen garden.

My main aspiration was to accustom children to independence, to force to think and develop sharpness.

This fall the son will go to the real school. Ahead labor everyday life, but I am for some reason sure that it will have a desire not only there to go, but also to study. The meeting with the real school only in a year is necessary to the daughter, but psychologically it is already ready to it.