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Smoking. Health of the man

Harm of smoking
Since Columbus taught to smoke tobacco, this plant of family of solanaceous has more and more admirers. As if the Ministry of Health did not warn about harm of smoking, world leaders in production of cigarettes only increase the forces. By data about the world organization on health care, today depending on tobacco to be 1,3 billion population of our planet, unfortunately, Russia one of the countries in which the number of smokers grows, but is not reduced. As do not twist, the man grabs a cigarette more often, than women.

Fighters against tobacco already to orders cloyed, from teleimage screens daily frighten by horrible diseases, cigarette which reason, “and I all the same will not leave off smoking“, many men will tell, however will be among those and those who think long ago to extinguish the last cigarette.

Often young people do the first inhaling because the cigarette in a hand, a yak would do them is more senior “all smoke, than I am worse“. The first cigarette is usually smoked out of curiosity, it is usually followed by the second, it is simple from desire to stand out before schoolmates.

It is considered that the cigarette helps with stressful situations, distracts, renders that that like psychological support smokers often say that smoking helps, to them will cope with a stress, however effect of nicotine is deceptive, tobacco does not reduce a stress at all.

Not what good about smoking to you will not be told not by one doctor, will only frighten, and will correctly make. Sad statistics proof of that love to a cigarette smoke really addiction, and at all not means calm of nervous system. Each 6 seconds smoking of tobacco kills one inhabitant of the planet, 1 smoked cigarette reduces life for 11 min.

By the way, nicotine not the most terrible evil in a cigarette, on it extensively popular outlook about as if a pack with low contents of nicotine less dangerously in a root it is not right.

Tobacco smoking

the Average smoker does about two hundred inhalings a day - it is nearly 200 drinks of mix of four thousand chemical compounds. 30, from which especially poisonous: ammonia, acetone, pesticides, benzene, methanol, Polonius, hydrogen sulfide, hydrocianic acid, carbon dioxide, here not the complete list of components, special taste of a tobacco smoke. In it there are also radioactive materials: lead, Polonius, bismuth, the person smoking a tobacco pack in day gets in a year a radiation dose in the 500th X-ray.

Chemicals of a tobacco smoke, in particular ammonia, hydrocianic acid, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde make direct unbeneficial impact on eyelashes which are considered as part of the natural cleaning mechanism in easy people. Eyelashes remind thin and volosovidny structures they cover tubes of bronchial tubes, collect and take out the inhaled impurity. Defect of this system has an opportunity to lead to a congestion slizy, and toxic agents in lungs increasing thereby probability of development of diseases.

Continuous excess release of slime leads to chronic cough - it lowers capacity of lungs to reduction and expansion. And still diminishes the number of pulmonary fabric through which oxygen can come to an organism. Defect of small airways in lungs in final result leads to emphysema, the started stages of this disease most often occur at smokers, weight of emphysema increases depending on quantity smoked in day of tobacco and an experience of smoking practically at all who smokes most 20 - ti cigarettes in day, this comes to light not arches.

Full cleaning of lungs long process many are sure that it is impossible to restore the past after smoking health in general, but if to aim, cope a task really.

One more delusion, tobacco increases working capacity. Such opinion is rather widespread. Truly under the influence of a tobacco smoke there is a certain expansion of vessels of a brain, as inflow of new forces, but this act of cigarettes very shortly temporarily, already through a quantity min. is perceived by smokers as. Expansion of vessels of a brain is replaced with their new narrowing, at the same time the most powerful as a result blood supply of a brain worsens, and working capacity on the contrary goes down.

Health of the man

Ochistit lungs of the smoker will help herbs decoction: pine kidneys, primrose, elder, plantain, violet three-colored, thyme, fennel. Buy at least several herbs from this list. In capacity put on one tablespoon of each of herbs and mix, then 1. Fill 5 spoons of collecting in a thermos and fill in with a glass of boiled water, about 2 draw curative herbs - x hours, then it needs to be filtered. Now broth is ready to the use of one circle before going to bed in a warm look a course of treatment about 2 - x months.

And finally, several short recommendations that who made the decision to leave off smoking:

Commit to paper the reasons for which you wish to leave off smoking, think of life prevoskhodstvo without cigarette. Carry out by
evident propaganda against smoking, some time you extinguish stubs in bank with water and do not throw out them do not receive a full jar drills of oily liquid yet, fixedly consider it and represent the lungs. by
Appoint date the end of smoking, solve in what day you will leave cigarettes forever.
Reduce quantity of cigarettes gradually.
is the First three months of a useful hot bathtub, a bath, it is necessary a special diet.
needs to increase reception of liquid to three liters a day, for strengthening of tobacco poisons from an organism.
for a while to exclude everything that promotes volition from a diet to smoke, sharp and salty products, coffee, strong tea, and alcohol.
Begin to do exercises, sport is elementary not compatible to smoking, exercise reduces stress, and help to be restored from harm put with cigarettes. Know
that you are not lonely in this fight, with this harmful habit, 2/3 smokers often make shy attempts or express volition to leave off smoking, at the same time only a third take serious steps and only the tenth part leave off smoking finally.
Remember that with each new attempt to give up an addiction chances of success significantly grow therefore you should not lower hands