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Why it is necessary to love himself?

would Seem what banal and hackneyed subject. But as if we did not deny it, and the question concerns very many.
Almost daily visit us annoying thoughts that not everything is as good as it seems. After these drizzles the discontent with people around comes and that the most terrible. We begin to think and dig too much in ourselves, finding a great lot of unsatisfactory lines. And here the doubt in the prekrasnost is. And it is the awful tragedy, this doubt is accustomed to be shown instantly clearly on a face of “carrier“. People around instantly take it into consideration and here, you are not good for them too any more. They do not know that in you bad, but time you yourself do not love yourself, so is for what. Such is human logic.
I as is paradoxical, but ourselves spoil opinion of people around on ourselves.
Agree, very often it happens so that the young girl who according to all standard standards and canons is not considered a beauty at all actually is a beloved of some charming prince, soul of the company and an example for imitation. And why? Yes because she loves herself and infects with this pure feeling of surrounding people. People accurately fix in subconsciousness what you dictate to them, without realizing that.
Let you will have a perfect dress, the stunning figure received by long and wearisome trainings, ideal gait, but if at the same time there is no gloss in eyes and a sure bearing, then all your efforts are vain.
So before improving the appearance, it is necessary to work carefully over a state of mind, over the attitude towards itself. It is the initial stage in the long program under the name “personality“. Of course, everything is good moderately. To build itself to a throne and to revel in own charm it is not recommended. In that case you will be just considered as the narrow near person. But respect and sympathy for - an indispensable condition of life in society. If you love yourself, then respect yourself and be improved.