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Tatyana Arntgolts and Denis Nikiforov in series “Night Swallows“. Why the serial film appeared not absolutely successful?

“Not women this stuff - war!“ - the Hitlerite argues, torturing the officer of the Soviet Army. Not to refuse to it judiciousness, but soon he learns HOW the Russian (Soviet) women are at war. Only the fleeting movement of wings over the estate catches his hearing. The fascist asks an empty question: “What is it?“ And - the finish. It - they. Night swallows. “Night witches“ - as called their fascists.
of the Witch fly on mortars and the broom. At heroines of series “Night Swallows“ instead of the broom in hands a warplane steering wheel. As dark peasants of wood goblins and any there werewolves, vampires were afraid in ancient times, and Germans are afraid of “night witches“ with stars on shoulder straps. Created by order of Stalin 46 - y an aviation female battalion - the phenomenon, and this project formed the basis of a plot of the serial film.

The pilot of the night-intruder Zhenya Zvonareva (Tatyana Arntgolts) - if it is honest, it is not similar to “the night witch“ at all. Some it fragile, tiny. Even the cap with ear-flaps with a red star in a forehead sits on it coarsely. But I believe, approximately such and were those little girls in days of the Second World War that directed horror at Germans. They “did not feel sorry for the stomach“ in air fights. “All for the front, all for the Victory“. Stalin set on the front even of little girls. It was justified military need, or not, now it is difficult to us to solve. But the fact that the director Mikhail Kabanov and producers, screenwriters remembered this not really famous page of that war does them credit.

Of course, we as the audience see that shootings allegedly in air when performing a fighting task actually are carried out in the pavilion, and the model of the plane is suspended on cables and shakes in air not on the draft. We see how not the uniform of military pilots is picked up for a figure. We see quite carelessly made explosions from allegedly dropped bombs when rather big bomb carries only the second floor of the wooden building, without having done any harm to a structure, (though if the real bomb got to such house of cards, then from it there would be only one burned nails yes a funnel in ten meters of diameter). We see many film mistakes, it is.

The most important that the movie “Night Swallows“ about long ago the feeling forgotten nowadays. About GREAT FEMALE FRIENDSHIP. Now girls for the sake of the mountain guy in a class torment the schoolmates, remove all this on video, trample down legs of younger schoolgirls just just for fun. Now the woman betrays the girlfriend because someone offered the powerful price for treachery. Tatyana Arntgolts`s heroine WILL not SELL. Honor and conscience - these concepts are very close to Zvonareva. Really the FRIEND to be capable only the person with honor, with self-respect. I will not tell categorically that the movie “Night Swallows“ gives us an example of GREAT FRIENDSHIP, but it, perhaps, near truth.

But we will return to the negative moments. Absolutely not the successful image of an osobist of Kurakin was created by the actor Anatoly Pashinin. Here the failure of service of a casting of the project is available. Well where to it with such kindest physiognomy to play the villain of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs - a shnik? Well not its role! The gallant officer as in “Admiral“ - yes. The hussar - yes. Even cooks of mobile kitchen - and that will fit. But not the VILLAIN! Ridiculously it the right looks when tries to be strict and terrible, speaking about enemies of the people, even about female absolutely young creations in a flight form.

Youth in general seeks to live to the full extent. And here is how life time to characters of the movie “Night Swallows“ and real women-pilots of those military years, is otmeryano a little. The little girl is only twenty years old, year of birth - 1923, and is brought down in fight by the German expert in 1943 - m. Only a fresh grave yes flight points over a mournful hillock. To little girls to give birth yes to love, and they in 20 years to the earth crude are stacked. Authors of the movie “Night Swallows“ of a pokazyvayutpokhorona quite to itself routinely, it is ordinary. Poskorbili, and - again in fight. The homeland calls. There where war death goes not only on the ground, but also soars in air.

In the war, of course, shoot. And not only ours, but also opponent. In “Night swallows“ scenes of clashes left sluggish, especially land fights, but not air. Our soldiers from a reconnaissance company and, in particular, the character Alexander Makeev (Denis Nikiforov) in general seemed to me some perchers. Well hardly - on a cock the fighter hardly presses, shooting at Germans. Moreover, apparently, what it does not press at all and if once more presses with a force, then the automatic machine will drop out of his thin hands. There is no passion in fight, there is no entry into an image.

Authors of the movie put, it appears, the actor of a bit part in front of a chamber and told: “Press on gas! Press on gas! Everything will be the jazz!“ or something like that. Press on a cock and stand with a dead-pan. No, children, so it is no good! You give me effect of return of the weapon, give emotion and desire to destroy the enemy, give the heated barrels of automatic machines and machine guns. A barrel that you lower during snow, and it hisses. But anything similar in a picture there are no “Night swallows“.
concerning Denis. For the first time I saw such gallant hussar performed by Nikiforov. Stylists fitted to it moustaches - became more senior than a brush why the actor to look and are more solid, perhaps. It on the screen left the gallant intelligence agent, only too glossy. And investigation in picture “ Night swallows“ finishes in fascists immediately, is not glossy. By turning of a neck and an improbable exact throwing of a knife on tens of meters (as in an episode with removal of the German sentry on a viewing tower). Well, and old kind blow in a nemchura physiognomy butt.

The director of the movie Mikhail Kabanov did not begin to varnish reality and “Night swallows“ are full of blood and cruel murders. War is war. I think, I would not begin to recommend to children these series for viewing. My daughter 9 - ti watched it years partially with me, but when shots of the soldier`s bodies which are broken off on part by shells and bullets in the battlefield went she turned away and obviously got a fright. Then it asked me a question of atrocities of fascists in that war. So, on the one hand, “Night swallows“ awakens interest in the child in historical events, and with another averts them from the screen.
So, a picture is interesting by subject and authors in this plan - good fellows. But here all this is made carelessly, perhaps, artificially, with clear mistakes, with bad hit of actors in a holder of roles. And actors quite good are involved, but …

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