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What is medical tourism?

in tourist branch appeared A little more than thirty years ago the new perspective direction which becomes more and more demanded every year. It is about medical tourism.

However many citizens, having heard this term, still consider that this type of rest is intended only for the people who are in great need in the qualified help from medical personnel. Partly it indeed, but actually the percent of such category of people makes only small part from the main flow of all clients who gave preference to medical tourism.

To discredit all myths connected with a type of rest, so unusual to the majority, it is enough to learn answers to the following questions...

What is medical tourism?

the Tourist can be shipped by

outward, or is excellent have a rest, without leaving borders of the native land, and along with it to pass inspection in the first-class diagnostic center, to get advice of the narrow-purpose expert and all provided services. As a result everything costs him for quite reasonable price.

From where this concept went?

Of course, absolutely new invention it is difficult to call such rest and treatment, and here it is worth remembering that in Russia at the tsar the nobility liked to go “on waters“ to Germany, for example, to Baden - Baden or to the Czech Republic.

Increase of cost of treatment was an active incitement for development of modern medical tourism worldwide, and this cost continues to increase constantly. It is natural that many people began to look for alternative options of places where it would be possible to receive the qualified medical aid immediately for cost it is less, than in the establishments located in places of their accommodation. Who most often chooses by

such rest?

the Most active today the tourists choosing this type of rest, of course, are residents of the USA and the EU - in view of the high cost of the health insurance.

What directions the most popular for medical tourism?

nobody will be able to give

of the Definite answer as the firms specializing in this type of rest offer a huge number of various options with various price range.

On official statistics, now the clinics and the centers located in Israel, the USA and China are the most popular.

As the situation with medical tourism in the Post-Soviet countries is?

Can be approved by

with confidence that now in the countries of the former USSR medical tourism experiences a rebirth and citizens of these countries even more often prefer to combine business with pleasure - rest and treatment, and the whole families.

Domestic health resorts, sanatoria and other relevant institutions do not remain away from the recognized world centers and already slowly begin to win the place in this very perspective and profitable direction.

However if to see things really, unfortunately, modern medicine in the CIS countries - it is day before yesterday day for the developed countries though there are also rare exceptions.