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Than the capsular coffee maker is good? Coffee, the Turk and nanotechnology of

One my morning began once with coffee and a cigarette. It was... even I do not remember when, but since that morning my day steadily begins with a coffee cup. At first it was usual soluble, then tried both chicory, and coffee with additives, and after acquaintance with the barista I bought to myself the rozhkovy coffee maker.

Small, only four-bar, but it to me serves the sixth year without whims and problems, and coffee turns out fragrant, saturated, strong. Despite all pluses - the coffee maker my already old and shabby, here also decided I it to change.

On open spaces of our immense Internet I came across the coffee maker of capsular type, George Clooney and it ristretto recured to the memory... I reflected and began to dig - what yes as and whether it is tasty?

Capsular system of a zavarivaniye of coffee in general same, as in ordinary Rozhkova to the coffee maker, but coffee not in a horn, and in a capsule which is punctured from two parties and water under pressure (about 15 - 19 bars) passes through coffee. Drink turns out tasty, fragrant and “correct“ (at the expense of pressure water temperature about 85 degrees). Some producers offer also tea in capsules.

Capsular coffee - cars gradually enter life of the modern person. There are new brands of the capsular systems competing with each other. Among them in Russia Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Cremesso, Kofemeyker and some other are presented. And at each brand the capsules and kinds of coffee.

The prices begin from 8000 rubles, and capsules cost about 30 rubles apiece.

The coffee maker - the bagatelle small and stylish, and, above all - does not demand special leaving as the “fulfilled“ coffee remains in capsules and gathers in the special container.

The unpretentious unit (the average price of 10000 rubles) cooking surprising, fragrant drink worth about 30 rubles for a cup with a certain range of tastes turns out. Cheaper, of course, than in cafe, but whether is worth it? And where to look for these capsules if, for example, there arrived relatives and all drank? Whether it is worth giving in general 10000 to washing a horn and to drink what is and not that there is a wish?

But any problem is solved if to be prepared for it. Therefore, choosing the coffee maker, pay attention - capsules, universal at it, or original.

If the choice fell on the coffee maker with original capsules - learn from the seller where it is possible to buy them or to order. Many are already on sale in network shops of household appliances. It is possible to issue home delivery or to take away on the way from work. Be surely registered on their official site, there it is also possible to order capsules and to learn what types of coffee they have, what constants what seasonal whether the range is often updated.

If capsules universal, then it is possible to find not only capsules with coffee, but also empty. The range of universal capsules is much wider, and empty you can fill. It is possible to hold empty capsules “with a stock houses“, and usual ground coffee is on sale almost everywhere. Then it is not necessary to change the checked drink, there will be a scope for creativity and the invention of new tastes.

And I decided not to change the Rozhkova to “old woman“ so far. And when it will live the, will think up already some “nanocooking“ in which both soup, and buckwheat, and yogurt, and coffee will perfectly turn out.