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What role in human life is played by windows? Long ago I wanted to write

about windows and everything was somehow a lack of time though this idea in me ripened about five years ago. Or rather, somehow time appeared, and then came back as a boomerang when it was necessary to go on the car on the road passing on streets of the village or the city.

... Flash by the car, at home, people, animal - manage to examine only. Somehow my attention was drawn by houses. I began to peer more attentively and found out that dissimilarity to houses is given first of all by windows. They are so different, so interesting that I began to peer at them and understood that those who are behind windows that is owners of houses, do not even imagine as far as windows are reflection their.

“Windows“, - mother of a window tenderly called, and I remembered the fairy tale: “Vyglyani in a window, I will give you to peas“. We always had pure glasses, without cracks and chips, the father was also a glazier, and owned joiner`s business. The window leaf opened up, now eurowindows so open, and in old windows of a window leaf opened sideways more often. Between a window leaf and a frame the stick which held part of a window and let in fresh air in the portions depending on requirement and from weather on the street was inserted. If it was necessary to open the window “on all“, from above there was a loop to which the hook clung, and the window leaf swung open wide open.

I go, so in the car and I watch windows. They come across different. Here the huge house with huge windows flashed. Glasses on - fashionable, on - modern are darkened, in them will not glance, only they can shamelessly consider all, and passing or passing nothing behind these windows will see. It seems that there live behind them giants who do not want that their greatness opened to somebody. But the most interesting, near this palace the ancient hatka, almost same to what I had to spend the childhood settled down. Hatka is low, greyish, peeled, with a straw roof, but in windows light burns and someone`s hunched figure moves. On one window the pot with a geranium flashed. Windows lost the initial color long ago and now are almost not allocated against a hatka, but light burns, and breathe there so far.

And here the house is more senior than the first, but hatka are much younger. Windows in it replaced recently, and it seems that the house was absolutely lost - one windows remained. So speak in the people about the person who strongly grew thin: “One eyes remained“. Windows plastic, without uniform crossing point. They are more shameless hatched on passing and passing, and people try to turn away quicker from them.

And here windows with a sun blind. Seldom now you will meet such, especially in the city. All strive to hang up blinds yes dust on them eternal to collect. And here stavenka - that outside hung and to wipe them did not make work. These stavenka accurate, pure, painted by blue paint. Frames window it is bright - blue that an eye female: there is only not enough black inking. Glasses shine. So they shine only after vinegar with water and a pure linen rag or the newspaper.

Rare fortune! At once several lodges with a sun blind. But what different both windows, and sun blind. Color generally blue and green. On many paint peeled off or undertook puzyryom which - where faded. Here the shutter keeps on one loop and, quietly shaking, plaintively groans. There is sun blind which is completely closed though behind a window midday. What prevented owners to open them, or there are no owners the house? Or perhaps they love the twilight?

Here again the house with eurowindows, but in is mute everything harmoniously: windows decorate it as eyes decorate the woman. Rama purely - white color, glasses as if transparent. I noticed that white frames most often come across, and at the time of my childhood it was the rarity. Painted in blue or green color, brown is more rare. Now fashion another, and already white windows are not allocated against others because others remained a little.

And here the windows upholstered with a cellophane film. Dirty, shabby, it only splinters gives the chance to look in this world. Owners warm the house for the winter. Dimly the electricity burns. Here poverty, and even frank poverty lodged.

There are windows, walls as if pressed inside. They bashfully look out of depth as the constraining child looks out from - for mother`s backs. From - for a corner the huge one-storeyed building with driven in a cross - crosswise windows seemed. Something ominous seemed to me inside: I felt alarm and prekrestitsya involuntarily.

“How is to you, mister the house?“ - there is a wish to ask the building, it is more similar to the hostel, than on the house. By the window size in it is mute all identical, but at one the window leaf warped, at another - glass burst, at the third - sticks out from - under frames foam, and at the fourth - glasses are splodgy with dirt lumps. As if someone took purposely and, razozlyas, threw.

And only one window is distinguished from them and is bright - yellow paint, and purity of glasses. On a window sill several pots with violets of different grades. And there is a wish to ask a window how it turned out here how is to it among this disgrace? Whether the truth that this ugliness does not concern your owners in no way?

In the childhood I liked to look long out of the window, especially when was ill. Before me the whole world opened. Behind a window - the wonderful view of a garden and a flower bed, and through purely washed up glasses rushed into the room bright sheaves of light. I like to look out of the windows also now.

They not incidentally appeared in life of people. They connect people with the world, do not allow them to become hostages of the closed space.