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Plant louse. How to fight against it? The Plant louse a harmless small insect you will not call

. This is just real parasite on plants! Settles on trees and bushes, gets accustomed on flowers and exhausts juice from leaves, buds and flowers. Most of all gets to my guelder-rose that grows at a threshold. Suffers from

and buldenezh, and and there is nothing to speak about black elder. It is, of course, not all list of victims.

I tried different ways to exhaust a plant louse. Applied chemical preparations, but then learned that better and cheaper to use those herbs and cultures which grow on own kitchen garden. I tried. I will not tell that the plant louse left completely, but did not bother any more as happened earlier.

From different plants I also prepared “entertainment“ for wreckers. It was necessary to tinker, tried everything, but the result was worth it. Besides all “wood stains“ turned out environmentally friendly, it pleased. Took everything that the first came to hand from the list or there was much. During the summer several times changed cultures that at a plant louse accustoming was not developed.

Red chili peppers: 8 - 10 pieces + 1 tablespoon of shaving of a laundry soap + 1 l of boiled water. Small crushed pepper together with seeds, mixed with water and soap and insisted within a day. Having filtered, sprayed the struck plants.

Note: means can be used successfully also in fight against caterpillars, fir seed moths and garden bugs, preparing for the same way.

Chistotel. small cut 4 - 5 plants and filled in with a bucket of warm water + 2 - 3 tablespoons of soap shaving. It is necessary to insist not less than 3 hours. Filtered in capacity and dipped into solution of a branch of bushes and a top of young trees.

Note: only fresh green leaves and stalks are suitable for tincture, dry and old lose the properties.

Potatoes tops of vegetable. crushed About 1,5 - 2 kg of green material and insisted in a bucket of warm water within 3 - 4 hours. After filtering it is possible to apply in fight against a plant louse.

Tops of vegetable of tomatoes. crushed Half a kilogram of green material, filled in with a bucket of water and boiled half an hour. Ready solution needs to be used in a proportion: 1 glass on 1 liter of water.

Garlic. crushed 200 g and insisted in 1 liter of water within 5 days in the closed ware. For spraying parted 300 ml of infusion in a big bucket (10 l) of water.

Wood ashes.

in the Morning and it is good to b to opylivat the plants occupied by wreckers in the evening.

And still it is possible to use makhorka broth . 100 g of tobacco dust + 1 liter of water. It is necessary to boil within an hour, to filter. To use in a proportion: 300 - 400 g on a water bucket.

Note : for the best effect it is good to repeat spraying in 2 - 3 days.

A sprayer I used manual. With big it is inconvenient to work and drag it behind the back it is rather heavy.

What it is still important to know to gardeners:

- the plant louse strikes the weak or overfed plants more often;

- it is necessary to combat black ants - messengers of a plant louse;

- a plant louse some species of wasps, ladybugs and lacewings (family of setchatokryly insects), flies - zhurchalka and some bird species eat (titmouses, reguluses, wrens, konoplyanka, robins - zaryanka and sparrows); naturally to attract birds and insects in the garden, plant fragrant spicy herbs, a nettle and siderata (rye, a buckwheat, a clover meadow, mustard white, etc.) ;

- plant the plants attracting a plant louse (a nasturtium, a hollyhock, kosmeya, klubnevy begonias, a guelder-rose), far from useful cultures;

- onions, garlic, a camomile dalmatsky, the wormwood, a calendula and other plants with a pungent smell push away a plant louse and other wreckers;

And do not overfeed useful cultures yet with nitrogen fertilizers because young juicy greens first of all attract a plant louse.