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New collective. How not to do mistakes? Reflections of the woman of

If when I for the first time got a job, caught sight to me similar councils, is simply sure that it would be succeeded to avoid not only annoying funny things, but also more serious troubles which it was necessary to face.

Sooner or later all of us undergo procedure of employment. And by that who does it for the first time and that who is going to change a familiar spot it will not prevent to be prepared well. As practice showed, not only future career development, but also probability to avoid many reefs depends on the first acquaintance to collective. And them continually …

we Draw a conclusion: try to make the first impression. The second chance will not be!

In collective always treat the new person cautiously and study “sign“ - appearance. Here it is necessary to be prepared for this moment.

The reserved and tidy suit speaks for itself. It as if signals the administration: gravity, responsibility and full aiming at working process. But if all of you decide to put on a beautiful dress, bright jewelry and will use a bright make-up, be ready to come from first minutes under “fire“. All female half of collective with enviable unanimity will appear in camp of ill-wishers.

Anyway, but it is anyway uncomfortable to be under the estimating views of colleagues. Include a smile “on duty“ and try to be friendly. Put yourself on their place. You in the same way would consider the newcomer therefore treat with understanding.

Switch to the working line and ask on the company, specifics of department in which you should work not one day. Find out for yourself tasks and the main labor moments, but do not forget about sense of proportion. Squall of questions can call into question colleagues your professionalism.

It seems, the first difficult moments of acquaintance behind. Treated you kindly. It is possible to take rest, but not to begin to tell about itself, to share own problems, the relations with the husband and his family. Especially you should not tell the biography or to ask private matters to strangers.

And though passed several days as you occupy one of workplaces in leading company, do not forget, still look narrowly at you therefore you do not hurry to show an initiative, to give advice, referring to the former place of work and the invaluable experience in this branch. Everything is old, as well as the world: upstarts are not loved anywhere.

Of course, it is excessive to keep aloof and look buky in the opinion of colleagues. And still competently to build a vertical in the relations, you do not hurry to get personal friendship. Observe and define for yourself who has what social roles in collective (“good-natured person“, “angry“, “conflict“, “grumbler“, “gossip“, “intriguer“, “friends are enemies“) and the chief`s attitude towards them.

To sweetheart the administration and new colleagues, do not neglect simple working truth. In your situation they not only the very first and reliable advisers, but also faithful assistants.

Is not necessary: - to be allocated


- to philosophize;

- to criticize;

- to reason with last experience;

- to enter plots and gossips;

- to get the personal relations with an opposite sex, in other words, to twist at work “shura - messes“.

Be not afraid to overwork. It to you will surely be reckoned. Remain are modest, benevolent and patient. Show respect for new colleagues. You can not doubt, they will estimate it and will reciprocate to you. And still will help to join working process and to fit into collective. Progress!

Eventually, you just got a job.