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How to make tasty pies from a bird cherry with sour cream? I will not cut out

- I love sweet. It is the myth that men love only bitter. They love everything: sweet donuts and sweet women, and bitter after sweet, and salty to have a snack. Life! the Most tasty pies with a bird cherry which were baked by my grandmother I will not forget

. And it is impossible to forget them! Leave for the period of a diet, calorie and jog. Present yourself a holiday - sometimes it is possible. Treat yourself and loved by this unusually tasty pie.

The main secret - to buy smetanka: good, sound. Pies become on a support. And choose a bird cherry to taste. The grandmother always did from ground, at us behind Ushakovkaya`s small river it was the benefit probably - is invisible - take I do not want.

Here also climbed in youth for black berry from which then cramped cheekbones at all. Such was sweet and knitting. And began to smell!. Unless it is possible to forget a smell of a bird cherry moreover when the dope of love turns the head! Well, there will be enough memoirs, pass to pies.

For the test it is required:

torments - about 1 kg;
milk - not less than 0,5 l;
yeast - 60 g of fresh or 11 g dry;
eggs - 5 pieces (one - for greasing);
any vegetable oil - 70 g;
salts - a dessertspoon, without top;
sugar - 1 glass.

we Put a support just as when we baked fish pie. But a little bit we will remember. About yeast - choose what more convenient to buy you. Because now it is not always possible to buy yeast fresh. Though, in my opinion, they impact to the test relish of house pastries - that grain spirit which smells of the childhood.

We pour milk, temperature - pair milk, we part yeast, we add a dessert spoon of sugar, and then flour. We stir that there were no lumps, and we put to the warm place, having closed a towel or a napkin. When the support rises and then will settle, we will add other ingredients.

For now we start a bird cherry. It is more convenient to take, of course, bird cherry flour in which there are no stones. Or ground. We fill in with boiled water and we put approximately for an hour that it bulked up. Then we add sugar. If you love more with pleasure - add not less glass of sugar on 2 glasses of a bird cherry.

For a stuffing:

bird cherry flour - 2 glasses;
water - 1 glass;
sugar - 1 glass. Opara is ready

, we add some egg, the remained flour, sugar and salt. We knead, then we pour vegetable oil. Once again we will mix. Very good dough turns out if to add fat melted, nutryany. But where you will take it now? And margarine I personally do not put, only oil. In total - vegetable oil still natural.

10 minutes on a rasstoyka - and again in heat. Let`s line not less than two - three times. Let will puff a bit. Here dough is also ready. We divide it into parts, podsyply on a chopping board of flour and we will roll layer. On it we smear a bird cherry, we are not greedy - all bird cherry. We roll strips from the test and we do from above a lattice. We grease such beauty with the shaken-up egg and we send to an oven.

Time of baking depends on your oven, but about 40-45 minutes. You can define readiness, having pierced a toothpick. Though many hostesses measure by eye. Experience!

The last religious rite - we shake up sour cream with sugar (500 g of sour cream + 0,5 glasses of sugar) and when pie a little cools down, from above, without being sorry, we grease it with sour cream. The sour cream layer - the more tasty is thicker.

We put for several minutes in the refrigerator that sour cream stiffened. Well everything, call me on a visit - I will come!