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Where celebrate a holiday of a surepitsa? On Jeju Island

Very few people from us did not meet a bittercress. On kitchen gardens and behind a village fence its yellow flowers meet us on spring. Weed! So it is perceived in these parts. But in Korea the modest weed with yellow petals is brought to the level of a plant, worthy not only cultivations, but also celebrations. In April the festival devoted to a surepitsa begins

. The blossoming fields of this plant wait for the admirers. Probably, it is necessary to be born the Korean to see in a simple weed beauty, similar to a magnificent rose or a gentle orchid.

As soon as the field cabbage begins to blossom, so still call this plant, and fields of a surepitsa become covered by a yellow cloud of the blossoming flowers, to Jeju Island where the spring comes before everything, tourists begin to arrive. A festival of blossoming of a surepitsa - one of the main holidays of the island.

There come masters of the Korean art: actors, musicians, artists. Music and songs sound. Actors show the talents.

Cheju is well-known not only in Korea, but also around the world. For the uniqueness it is declared by UNESCO object of the World heritage. This island of a volcanic origin, one biggest islands which belong to the country. Here the great number of tourists comes to have a rest, see the sights, to have fun at festivals which often here are held.

The highest top not only islands, but also all Korea - a volcano Hallasan (1950 m). Around a volcano fields of the blossoming surepitsa, picturesque Korean settlements and beaches from snow-white sand on the seashore were stretched. The snow-covered top of an extinct volcano can be seen from any point of Cheju.

On the island of all meet Tolkharubana. These are the main symbols of Cheju. The statues representing good-natured grandfathers are made of a black lava. It is considered that if to rub to such statue a nose, then to you surely there will be something good. Probably, therefore at many “lava“ grandfathers noses are erased. All wish themselves good! And once these statues were for locals charms.

Women are divers Henyo - the second symbol of the island. For a long time girls were taught since five years to this dangerous craft - to get in the sea of mollusks and trepangs. But in present time the youth prefers safer work.

Tangerines - the third Cheju symbol. The set of grades and different types grows on the island, but speak, the most tasty and expensive grade hallabon, called by name the main mountain of the island. Its fruits differ from usual tangerines in “hat“. Sweet and tasty.

On the island there is an unusual garden Tkhamna Moksogvon from fancy stones, dry trees and roots. This amazing place, as if from the old fairy tale about wizards and gnomes. With nightfall the garden is closed as it is really terrible to remain in such place, alone with magic trees.

As if in addition to a fairy forest on the island there is a Chocolate lock. No, it is constructed not of chocolate, otherwise from it nothing would remain any more. It is made of volcanic basalt. In this lock there is a chocolate gathered from around the world. All versions etogolyubimy all of a delicacy, with any additives it is possible to see at an exhibition of the unusual lock.

What is the Japanese bonsais, many know. But also in Korea this not less fascinating occupation. Also it is worth noticing, Koreans fairly succeeded in it. Park of bonsais which is on the island, to it confirmation. Together with it there is also a rock-garden for which the most unusual stones gathered from all Korea. Under each bonsai it is possible to meet the plate with its age, but at tiny trees all not as at people. Here the is more senior - the more beautifully.

On the island there are also falls. However, it is worth noticing, they are not so high as they in Iceland, but are also beautiful. The falls Chkhondzhiyon are located near the quiet forest road which silence it awakes, collapsing from the rock in a pond. Chonbon - the only falls in East Asia which fall in the sea. But, unlike Iceland, an entrance for viewing of falls paid.

Of course, it is impossible to see all sights of the island for a short time. But the festival spring proceeds: the cornel is dismissed in the gentle color. Ahead - a cornel festival.

Yes! If you are here, do not forget to buy for memory of a harubana. On the island they are on sale everywhere, different forms and the sizes. These are tiny analogs of lava grandfathers. To you for luck!